Five never before heard facts of Hope Hicks, White House Communication Director of Donald Trump

The White House Communication Director for President Donald Trump, Hope Hick is the public relations consultant and a former model. So we present here five interesting facts which should know about Hope Hicks.


Previously, Hope served as the early communication and press secretary for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and before that she was an employee of The Trump Organization. So, without any delay let’s know five facts about Hope’s career, rise, and relationship with Trump in detail.

Five facts you need to Know about Hope Hicks

Hope Hicks was born on 21 October 1988 at Greenwich, U.S. She was a teen model and appeared in Greenwich magazine in 2002. She completed her graduation in the year 2010 with major in English and started in public relationship with New York City firm group- Zeno Group.

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Hope Hicks- Frying under the White House controversies

We all know that Hope Hicks is President Donald Trump', right-hand woman. The former model has worked with Trump.

Now, there are headlines suggesting that Hicks is suddenly frying under the spotlight of scandal, a central figure in two White House controversies; the Russian investigation and the departure of the senior White House aide accused of the physically abusing his two wives.

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[ CAPTION: Hope Hicks- Frying under the White House controversies ][ SOURCE: The Seattle Times ]

Donald Trump has complained about Hicks which is actually a rare occurrence for the president. Hicks is quite upset in the recent days regarding her personal life becoming a national news story.

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Hope Hicks- In a relationship with Rob Porter

Hope has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Rob Porter but his ex-girlfriends brought an accusation to The White House about Rob’s abuse of his ex-wives. At present, Trump complained about Hick.

[ CAPTION: Hope Hicks- In a relationship with Rob Porter ][ SOURCE: Daily Mail ]

As Hope’s personal matter is creating a national issue, in recent days, Trump has complained about Hope’s personal. Her friends have quietly accused her of focusing in her personal life rather than looking for White House.

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Hope Hicks- Has no political experience

Although Hope has a political background, she has no experience with it. She never did the Capitol Hill intern but she was an acceptability for New York public relations. But she is one of the youngest advisers of President Donald Trump.

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[ CAPTION: Hope Hicks- Has no political experience ][ SOURCE: The Sun ]

Hope Hicks has been with Trump from the very beginning of her career in White House. She also has been stuck on Trump’s campaign. She even didn’t think that she would play such a huge role in The White House as director of strategic communication and assistant to the President in the White House.

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Hope Hicks- Was a Model

Before being the director of strategic communication, Hope Hicks was a teen model and was featured for the popular young adult novels. She also appeared in an advertisement for Ralph Lauren and Naturalizer shoes.

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[ CAPTION: Hope Hicks- Was a Model ][ SOURCE: Bishop Ikedi Blog ]

As per the report from New York Magazine, Hope went inside the house with Trump and then she handled PR for Ivanka Trump’s fashion line as well some of the resorts of Trump’s.

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Hope Hicks- Nickname

As Hope has a very personal relationship with the President Donald Trump and his family, Trump has given her a nickname- Hopester. As per the report of The New York Times, Once Trump sent her a thank you note, mentioning Hopie-you’re the greatest”. And only Trump been known to call her- Hopie.