Donald Trump wants you to see Miss Universe 1996 Alicia Machado Sex Tape

Alicia Machado is a Venezuelan-born American actress, singer, TV host who was Miss Venezuelan 1995 and then Miss Universe 1996. We can hear all about her these days as this has become a big issue.

Donald Trump is said to be misogynist on the internet nowadays and in real life too. Something happened due to which the controversy of Donald Trump and Alicia Machado is hitting the ear of every single person. Let’s go into the controversy now. 

It all started with the tweets

It all began when Donald Trump tweeted urging his followers to check out former’s Miss Universe sex tape. He had also tweeted before calling Alicia disgusting. These brought them in the hot market of debate which is not settled yet.

Before also Alicia was referred as ‘Miss Piggy’ and ‘Miss Housekeeping’ after she gained weight by president Trump. Hilary Clinton mentioned Alicia as the poor treatment of women and minorities during their debate.

Since then Donald Trump has not stopped speaking against Alicia through his tweets. She was characterized as a porn star during a presidential debate. He wants the people who are supporting Alicia to check out her past and sex tape first. The Alicia’s sex tape is available on youtube and is age-restricted.

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Donald Trump with Alicia Machado during a workout at a New York Gym

The video is about 1 minute and 30 seconds long and has no nudity. Both are wrapped in covers. This video is said to be planned so we do not know whether it is staged or not. However, Alicia is seen covered with covers in most of her sexy scenes in shows. Watch the video for yourselves.

The statement that Alicia had a sex tape was considered to be false as that was a footage from a Spanish-language reality show, La Granja. Who knows whether the footage was from the show or real.

Melania Trump and Alicia has posed for playboy. If you search sex tape of Alicia Machado on the internet some of the sites may direct you the porn sites but you will not find any more than the clips of movie and shows with not much nudity.

Alicia Machado, poses near to a poster of Playboy Mexico

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Well, we all know that this all started during the election for president in 2016. Donald Trump says that Hilary used Alicia as a weapon for election. There was a series of war between the tweets of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton and that continued until the end of the election.

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