Fareed Zakaria says America will be Banana Republic of Donald Trump.What's Banana Republic?

HitBerryPublished on   24 Jul, 2016Updated on   26 Apr, 2021

There have been many accusations and appreciation for the President nominee Donald Trump and more has been said about him all the time. This week in the Republican National Convention, Trump gave his views and well the convention was a big hit for both good and bad reasons.

In all of this Fareed Zakaria on his weekly column for the Washington Post dedicated his post to the Republican Convention at Cleveland and no doubts he did that. But then the next thing is pretty shocking. He sarcastically gave his views on the plagiarized speech, the daddy-daughter love, opening up about gay, the Nazi salute and every single thing that took place at the convention as -”A Banana Republic.”

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Zakaria is known for his strong political views which have not been silenced by anyone however terming RNC as a banana republic clears his opinions about the current state of one of the most powerful nation of the world. He started his article saying how he was utterly shocked seeing the state of all the blame game happening in a Western Democracy for the very first time. Never had he seen that according to him but can't really decide after all Fareed is not so fond of Donald Trump anyways. We don't say so; his Twitter says so.

What is the Banana Republic?

So with all this hype what exactly is a banana republic? Why such controversy over this term that has taken the social media by storm. Well it is not as good as you thought; if in any case you took the reference of banana as a fruit but then it doesn't sound that bad as pun either. To be very precise Banana Republic is a place that is politically unstable . Very aptly  but that is all about it and the reference of Fareed over this just directs towards the Republican National Convention that has instigated a hullabaloo in the nation. Just so you know, please do not call your house a Banana Republic while in mess; just don’t.

Full speech of Donald Trump at Republican National Convention 2016 in Cleaveland.

Who is Fareed Zakaria?

Fareed Zakaria , age 52 who is a weekly columnist for Washington Post is an Indian American journalist and author who is also the host of Fareed Zakaria GPS. Working with big media houses Times, Newsweek International Zakaria is considered as one of the most prominent journalists of the United States of America.

Married to his wife Paula Throckmorton since 1997 the couple has three children while he enjoys a net worth of $4 million.

Fareed Zakaria and his wife Paula Throckmorton. They married each other in 1997.

Fareed Zakaria and his wife Paula Throckmorton. They married each other in 1997.