Hope Hicks Former Press Secretery of Donald Trump; Find out her net worth and Career

Hope Charlotte Hicks is currently working as a spokeswoman for Trump's presidential transition team, the former press secretary for Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and, and incoming White House Director of Strategic Communications. She is also best known as the cover girl and model of the book "The it Girl".

Hope Hicks first began working with Ivanka Trump (Ivanka Trump is the daughter of Donald Trump)on her fashion line in around 2012. After that time, she started working on other Trump ventures.

Hope Hicks Former Press Secretary of Donald Trump Net Worth

Everyone is familiar about the "no mercy" of President Donald Trump and his campaign. The Donald Trump's campaign is generally known for paying less salary to the female employees than the men employees. Generally, in Donald Trump's campaign, the male employees are paid more than twice or sometimes thrice than that of female employees. The female employees are paid lesser who even make up 25% of his campaign.

But if we are talking about "Hope Hicks" then it is something very different from the rest. Hope Hicks who is working as the press secretary of Donald Trump is estimated to make roughly $92,000 a year in Donald Trump's Campaign. Yes, it is true that Hope Hick's annual income is pretty low to everyone but the fact is that she is the youngest female to earn more than people serving for Donald Trump Campaign.

Hope Hicks has not opened up clearly about her net worth but her net worth might be high. It is estimated that Hicks net worth might be in millions just observing her salary.

Hope HicksHope Hicks

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Hope Hicks Career

Hope Hicks is an American former model who was also listed on the cover of the book "The it Girl" and regarded as the youngest female in Donald Trump's Campaign. She is graduated from Southern Methodist University where she played Lacrosse for around 4 years. After working in PR from Hiltzik Strategies, Hope Hicks remained connected to Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump and started working on her fashion line in 2012.

She also started working on other Trump ventures. Hope Hicks had a very good professional relation with Ivanka as a result in 2014; Hicks got a chance to lead the Trump organization.

Hope Hicks was offered "Press Secretary" post for permanently but she did not want it. She was keen to go back to Trump's corporate office but she was not allowed for that as it's all about Trump's plead. Hope Hicks was totally new in the field of politics before joining Trump's campaign.

But that's not a big deal because Trump himself did not have any experience in this field. But hard working nature of Hope Hicks made her adjusted in the environment and started working. Hicks have been loyally working for Trump.

Hope Hicks in the cover of "The it Girl"

Hope Hicks in the cover of "The it Girl"

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Hope Hicks with Donald Trump

Hope Hicks with Donald Trump

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