Is Rebecca Berg accusing Donald Trump of using foundation money for his political campaign?

November 10, 2016
First published on:November 10, 2016
by HitBerry

Finally, as the U.S election is over Donald Trump has been declared as the 45th US president. Securing a shocking victory over Hillary Clinton, he now holds the power of being the most influential person in the United States of America. 

The great celebration time begins for all the Trump supporter on his victory but alongside the other half of the citizens of America marched on Trump Tower attacking Mr Trump's policies on immigration, gay rights and reproductive rights.

Donald TrumpDonald Trump

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People are protesting with the slogan saying 'Not My President' next to that President Donald Trump has also been accused of using The Trump foundation money for the political campaign. The Trump Foundation was established as a private foundation in 1988 which receive donations from individuals, family and corporation. The foundation blamed President Trump of violating rules that don't allow engaging funds for political issues.

Donald TrumpDonald Trump

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RCP reporter Rebecca Berg tells CNN that it hasn’t been long since Donald Trump getting active in politics. Through the investigation, she has done in the funding of the Trump foundation she blames Donald Trump for spending almost $300,000 to conservative policy groups.

According to The Daily beast, as this year many of the Trump's campaign work and his foundation work was overlapped in many occasions the risk of President Donald Trump getting penalties and his charity at risk of being shutting down has gone high. Donald Trump is listed as the president of the foundation in the charity's annual disclosures and his children Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump all are listed as directors of the foundation.

Donald Trump with Hilary Clinton Donald Trump with Hilary Clinton 

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The institution such as the Trump foundation is strictly prohibited from engaging in political activity and the foundation also has confirmed the International Revenue Service that it does not while filling the tax forms. But early this year at one of the campaign rallies Donald Trump was seen presenting Foundation checks to charities.  Supporting Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi during 2013 the Trump Foundation donated $25,000 to a political organization which is a prohibited act of the foundation.

News on Donald Trump defending donation News on Donald Trump defending donation 

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All the charitable funds Donald Trump spend helped him to raise his political profile. As none of the citizens shows him as a capable politician to run for the presidential election, he started doing political events to show people he can do something for them. Afterward, Donald Trump started donating which was from the foundation provided by other people.

Donald TrumpDonald Trump

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Many people in the government have claimed to publicly examine the contribution to Bondi and the overlap between the Trump campaign and his charity. They say that such irresponsible and inappropriate way of using the charity fund donated by individuals should be legally investigated and solved.  

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