Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomes all the refugee rejected by US Prime Minister Donald Trump

January 29, 2017
First published on:January 29, 2017
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There is only Donald Trump and the US all over the newsfeed since the day he has joined his office. He has however managed to be in highlight every day. Everyone must know about the discussions going on regarding the immigration in the US.

Donald Trump is all on the way to reject the refugee. Then, what will those refugees do and where will they go? So, the solution for them can be Canada. Know more about the issue:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomes the entire refugee rejected by US Prime Minister Donald Trump?

Yes, the news is true. As soon as the news regarding the immigration was published, Prime Minister of Canada instantly tweeted "Welcome to Canada".  Have a look at his tweet:

In the same day, he also tweeted the picture of him welcoming the Syrian refugee’s family to Toronto. The Canadian leader is spotted to arrive at Pearson International Airport and welcoming the family with smile and love. Have a look:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also confirmed that Candian citizens with dual nationality will actually not be affected by the ban system announced by Donald Trump on Muslims entering the US.

Justin Trudeau's spokeswoman Kate Purchase also furthermore explained that the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be soon discussing the successes of Canada's refugee policy and immigration with the President.

As per some reports, Justin Trudeau is also expecting to visit the White House soon. Trudeau and Trump will definitely be talking about the immigration and refugee issues. However, the trade will also be discussed as we all know more than 75% of Canada's exports go to the US.

Toronto Mayor John Tory also supported the view of prime minister welcoming the refugee. He also clearly said that no any people in this world should ever be compared on the basis of nationality or ethnicity.

The President of US Donald Trump billed a necessary step to stop "radical Islamic terrorists” coming to the US. He has now included 90- day ban to the citizens of Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia or Yemen to travel to the US. Moreover, he also included 120-day suspension of the program of US refugee.

Talking about it, Donald Trump has actually singled out Syrians for being the most aggressive among all. He also ordered that the Syrians citizens are blocked to come to the United States.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcoming waves of Syrian refugees

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