Donald Trump accused of Sexual Harrassment, find out what he did to Jessica Leeds.

Okay.. What’s up with all bulletins out there these days? It feels like America is a different place and with different people. Here is a similar story. Must read:

Fox Business Network anchor Lou Dobbs apologized after retweeting the telephone number and address of Jessica Leeds, one of few ladies to lately blame Donald Trump for rape. Well, is it true? Find out.

Did Donald Trump really Accuse the Girls?

Jessica Leeds, of Manhattan, was one of two ladies who spoke with ‘The New York Times’ about Trump assaulting them. Leeds said Trump laid his hands on her private and attempted to put his hand up her dress without her consent, she told them, adding that he lifted the arm rest too and put his hands all over her. WTH!

The host of Fox Business Network Lou Dobbs tweeted the personal information of Jessica but apologized for the action later with this tweet:

Source: usatoday

Furthermore, we have come to know that Dobbs supported Trump and added hashtags like: ‘America First’, ‘Maga’ and ‘TrumpPence’. But what made him do that? Man, it’s complicated. I don’t get it at all and i don’t know what kinda place America is gonna turn into.

Who is the other Lady Donald Trump accused?

She hasn’t revealed herself yet. But you know what, we will surely know about her anytime soon now. But we do have some information that you guys are missing out. There are six more ladies who publicly accused Mr. Trump of groping and kissing by force, which he denies later at a rally on West Palm Beach. Here is a glimpse of the scene. 

Donald Trump at a rally on West Palm Beach.

Donald Trump at a rally on West Palm Beach.

Source: nytimes

Does Mr. Trump Admit?

What kinda president would admit such kinda stuff, ya know. And yea, he portrays himself as a victim of “false smears” and denies everything. He even bumped out at one of the ladies, a former writer for ‘People Magazine’, that she was not pretty enough for him. The exact thing he said sounded like this, “Look at her – look at her words”. I am confused as you guys are right now, trust me! 

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

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