Who is Ana Navarro? Ana Navarro Vs Donald Trump

The full name of Ana Navarro is Ana Navarro Flores. She is an American Republican strategist and political commentator for numerous news outlets like CNN, CNN en Espanol, ABC News, The View, and Telemundo.


The American political commentator has already won the heart of millions through her amazing speech delivering skills. She is someone everyone should know about. She can be one of the role models for the ladies out there. Know more about her…

Who is Ana Navarro?

Ana Navarro was born in Chinandega, Nicaragua in the year 1971. She is the youngest child in her family; with an older sister and two brothers. The name of her father is Augusto "Tuto" Navarro who served as Nicaragua's minister go agriculture.

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Ana Navarro Ana Navarro  Source: eaglestalent

Navarro first started her career by serving on a number of Republican administrations. She even served as the National Co-Chair of the Hispanic Advisory Council for John McCain (2008) and Jon Huntsman Jr. (2012).

Navarro joined ABC news in February 2014 as a political commentator. She is widely known for her amazing work and contribution to CNN and CNN en Espanol. She supported Jeb Bush's 2016 presidential campaign.

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Navarro with her family first emigrated from Nicaragua to Honduras. They obtained legal visas before entering the United States in 1980. In one of the interview, she explained that she was

"thinking as so many exiles do, that it was only for a short time; never thinking that for me it was going to be a life-long change."

Ana Navarro Vs Donald Trump

She came into the spotlight for opposing Donald Trump from the start of his campaign. Navarro, who is a Republican and political conservative, has always been an opponent of Trump. She tweeted on her official Twitter account over Donald Trump as "a flat-out racist". You can check her tweet here…

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Ana Navarro's Twitter Ana Navarro's Twitter  Source: twitter

So, after those tweets, will Donald Trump stay quiet? Hell, No! After that tweet, Donald Trump posted that she should be fired from her job as a CNN commentator. Navarro is working as a CNN commentator since 2012. He claimed that she has no talent and is not a TV personality.

Donald Trump's tweet against Ana Navarro Donald Trump's tweet against Ana Navarro  Source: twitter

Moreover, Navarro posted numerous posts on her twitter account clearly reflecting her against Donald Trump. She even posted sarcastic tweets for the Trump's supporter. Have a look…

Ana Navarro's Tweet Ana Navarro's Tweet  Source: twitter

Ava Navarro's Tweet Ava Navarro's Tweet  Source: twitter

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