Zoe Kravitz Speaks out against Sexual Harassment, Is she still Single or Married? Know her Affairs

February 7, 2018
First Published On: February 7, 2018

Sexual harassment is often faced by every girl and it happens in each and every industry. But all of them are bound to keep it a secret because of the fear of scaring their reputation. However, Zoe Kravitz has recently talked openly about the sexual harassment while speaking to Fashion Magazine.


Zoe Kravitz is an American actress, singer as well as a model. While speaking to the Fashion Magazine, Kravitz raised her voice against the sexual harassment. Do you wanna know what she said about the sexual harassment? We are here to reveal everything she said about the topic. Moreover, we will further reveal all about her relationships too. Keep scrolling to know!

Zoe Kravitz Speaks out against Sexual Harassment

While speaking to the Fashion Magazine, Zoe Kravitz spoke about the sexual harassment. There she said that 'It is happening in every industry.' And she further added that every woman is being sexually harassed but they are forced to take it because they are afraid, single moms or immigrants. Kravitz mentioned that there are several situations where women are forced to be quiet.

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[ CAPTION: Zoe Kravitz ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Well, if we analyze her dresses then we definitely see Kravitz wearing black to the Golden Globes which are not much fashionable. However, she revealed that the reason behind wearing a black dress was to give a voice to those who didn't have one at that moment. And added that it was not just a dress but it represented more.

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[ CAPTION: Zoe Kravitz ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Kravitz mentioned that their joint voices will surely help in bringing some changes. She further told that they have to wait for long to see the change and it will surely take a long period of time and concentration to start a movement.

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Is Zoe Kravitz Already Married Or Still Single? Or Is She Dating Anyone?

The 29 years old versatile actress, Zoe Kravitz is not married yet. However, she is currently dating, Karl Glusman. Karl is an American film actor better known for portraying the lead role in Gaspar Noé's controversial drama Love

[ CAPTION: Zoe Kravitz and Karl Glusman ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The couple has been dating since October 2016. Well, the couple celebrated their one year anniversary back in September 2017. They not only celebrated their one year dating anniversary but also the celebrate Kravitz's show Big Little Lies‘ big win at the Emmys. 

Kravitz and Karl together attended the 2017 Emmy Awards and made such a hot couple on the red carpet! She shared a picture of them together on Red Carpet via Instagram. Karl also shared a beautiful picture of them on his Instagram where we can see Kravitz kissing her boyfriend on his cheek which was clicked while appearing at Emmy. 

[ CAPTION: Zoe Kravitz and Karl Glusman ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

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If we visit the Instagram of Karl, then we definitely see his walls fully covered by the pictures of him and his girlfriend, Kravitz. Seeing these all, we can easily say that the couple is really in love with each other.

They are successfully maintaining their profession as well as love life. Though, often they are busy with their profession the duo gives equal time to each other and are frequently seen spending their holidays together in new places. 

[ CAPTION: Zoe Kravitz and Karl Glusman ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

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Although they are dating for more than a year, none of them have talked any plans about getting married or engaged. We wish the couple keep loving each other in the same way like now and hope they soon get married. 

Know More About Zoe Kravitz's Past Love Affairs

As Zoe Kravitz has achieved great success in her profession, but she has failed several times in her love life. Before being in a romantic relationship with Karl Glusman, Kravitz previously dated several stars. 

Kravitz previously dated a Dominican American singer, Twin Shadow. They were often seen spending their time together but the couple later separated. However, they never revealed the reason behind their separation. 

[ CAPTION: Zoe Kravitz and Twin Shadow ][ SOURCE: JustJared ]

After that Kravitz started dating an American actor, Ben Foster. The duo started dating each other in August 2007. But after staying in a relationship for a year, they separated in June 2008.

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[ CAPTION: Zoe Kravitz and Ben Foster ][ SOURCE: Clevver ]

Similarly, soon after she broke up with Ben, Kravitz was spotted with Andrew VanWyngarden and their dating rumors were surfaced. But none of them talked anything about it so it just remained as a rumor.

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Moreover, in 2010, Kravitz dated an American actor, Ezra Miller but their love affair didn't last long and separated within the same year. Likewise, she was in a relationship with Michael Fassbender. The duo dated for a year from 2010 to 2011.

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[ CAPTION: Zoe Kravitz and Michael Fassbender ][ SOURCE: Independent.ie ]

In July 2011 she started dating Penn Badgley. However, they separated after dating for two years into June 2013. 

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[ CAPTION: Zoe Kravitz and Penn Badgley ][ SOURCE: Dailymail ]

Even being in a relationship with Penn, Kravitz was in a relationship with James Levy in 2012. Likewise, Kravitz even dated Noah Gabriel Becker in November 2013 but separated within the same year. 

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[ CAPTION: Zoe Kravitz and Noah Gabriel Becker ][ SOURCE: Dailymail ]

Soon after her breakup with Noah, Kravitz was romantically linked with Chris Pine. The duo started dating in September 2014 but her unsuccessful love life continued as the couple separated in February 2015 after dating for a year. 

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[ CAPTION: Zoe Kravitz and Chris Pine ][ SOURCE: JustJared ]

Moreover, Kravitz was also once rumored to be dating Drake but none of them confirmed their relationship.  

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[ CAPTION: Zoe Kravitz and Drake ][ SOURCE: BuzzFeed ]

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As we know that the divorce and breakups do not stop anyone from falling for someone. In the same way, Kravitz hasn't been stopped by her several breakups. Well, she is currently in a romantic relationship with Karl Glusman. We wish the couple a successful relationship ahead.