Brett Ratner sued Melanie Kohler for Defamation; Seven women Accused him of Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

November 3, 2017
First Published On: November 3, 2017
by HitBerry

Let's not use the term "harassment" in today's world, let's call it sexual terrorism. Every day, we go through several sexual harassment and allegation cases. From Harvey Weinstein, Mark Halperin, James Toback, Andy Dick, Michael Oreskes, Corey Feldman, Dustin Hoffman, to Bill O'Reilly, we knew the darkest part of their life.

Now, the filmmaker Brett Ratner has been accused of sexual harassment by a girl. She claimed that the filmmaker raped her about 12 years ago through her Facebook post. Check it out:

Brett Ratner sued Melanie Kohler for Defamation; Seven women Accused him of Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

Melanie Kohler claimed that Brett Ratner raped her around 12 years ago through her Facebook post. In her Facebook post, she insisted that Ratner preyed her as a drunk girl and forced himself upon her. She wrote; "Brett Ratner raped me."

Brett Ratner now sued a woman in the federal court in Hawaii alleging that she defamed him with a Facebook post. The defamation suit was filed against Melanie Kohler. She was sued just an hour later the Los Angeles Times revealed a story of sexual allegations from six women that includes actresses like Natasha Henstridge and Olivia Munn. You know, Kohler was not on the list.

Brett Ratner Brett Ratner     Source: cdn2

Shortly after she posted the post, Ratner's lawyer, Martin Singer called Kohler and threated her that Ratner would sue her for defamation. She explained the story to The Times in an interview:

I was scared, so I took it down.

Ratner claimed that the allegation was false, fabricated, and fictional. He accused her post as maliciously and had the intention of harming his reputation.

In another side, 39-year-old Kohler claimed that after reading the stories revealing about Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment cases she gathered the guts to tell her own story.

Olivia Munn, Brett Ratner, Natasha Henstridge Olivia Munn, Brett Ratner, Natasha Henstridge    Source: shawglobalnews

In addition to Kohler, seven other women accused Ratner of sexual harassment and misconduct. Henstridge claims that Ratner forced her to have oral sex and Munn revealed that Ratner masturbated in front of her. Similarly, Leah Forester revealed that Ratner pushed her into a room, shut the door, started masturbating, and then ejaculated on her.

Overall these, Attorney Singer denied the allegations.