Alicia Vikander's Relationship with Michael Fassbender; Know about their Affairs

There are times when co-stars are not actually dating but they do it just for the sake of publicity. In contradiction to that, there is also some co-star that actually fall in love. For instance, actress Alicia Vikander and actor Michael Fassbender are the kind of couple who started dating on a movie set, where their love story began from their first movie together and still growing strong.

Michael, 39, and Alicia, 28, grew close while filming “The Light Between Oceans” in 2014.  Yes! Ever since the movie turned out to be a catalyst for them to fall in love for each other. From that day onwards, the romance between the pair sparked and their love have been growing day after day.

The notoriously private couple have always tried hard to keep their personal life at a low profile. However, now, they have finally spoken and flashed out about their relationship. Be ready to end your curiosity. As today we are here to inform you regarding, what the reserved couple actually exclaimed about each other.

Let’s zoom in to know about Swedish actress, Alicia Vikander, and the Irish actor, Michael Fassbender, feelings. Stay with us:

Know how Alicia and Michael first met:

Diva, Alicia met 'X-Men' actor, Michael Fassbender on the set of their romantic period drama, “The Light Between Oceans” back in 2014. Time flies really soon, as it's been already three years that the couple is together where their love and romance is still the same.

Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander spent Easter weekend in NYC Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander, Source: Dailymail

In one of the interviews, Michael stated about the beginning of his romance where he was attracted to Alicia in the first look. Know in his own word:

The chemistry was immediate, the spark, the intensity.

This girl frightens me. She’s so fierce and brave . . . it kind of bowled me over.

In the movie, the couple has depicted a very emotive role of the lighthouse keeper and his wife who happened to find a baby in the rowboat after they lose their own.

Reserved couple Michael and Alicia's romance are finally revealed:

Oscar-winning actress Alicia Vikander and Screen Actors Guild Awards winner, Michael have mentioned about their romance as well as opinions that they had while working together in the film.

7 Times Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender Were the Cutest Couple Ever Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender, Source: InStyle

The duo expressed that they loved each other company and equally had fun where they accumulated wonderful experiences along with adequate outdoor activities including surfing, barbecuing, movies, fishing as well as playing music.

Alicia justified her affair with Michael on the Porter Magazine, saying:

We've never hidden the fact we're a couple

The brunette beauty complimented him as the hardworking, talented, and is always forward and enthusiastic towards his work and experimenting new things. Michael added saying that they fell in with each other and he is extremely glad that it actually happened.

Ballet dancer, Alicia also revealed the secret behind her growing closeness to Michael where she gives all of the credits to movie “12 Years A Slave” where she stated that the movie has happened to bring them closer.

Michael and Alicia’s public entrances making a front-page of every magazine:

The coolest couple in the Hollywood, Michael and Alicia happened to appear on the red carpet together in all of the award seasons. The couple was seen together at the Venice Film Festival as well and they were neither ready to leave each other side nor ready to look away from each other.

Their praises towards each other engulf the people and more to that they also inspire and motivate all of us to fall in love. Michael has been constantly supported in almost all of his works by his beloved lover Alicia, the Oscar-winning actress.

Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander at Golden Globes 2016 | POPSUGAR Celebrity Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander at Golden Globes 2016 | POPSUGAR Celebrity, Source: Popsugar

Fassbender once stated that he was a bit nervous to act alongside Alicia as she was vicious and voracious towards her work. But no matter what, she always gave him her moral support and encouraged him throughout the life.

Aren't they a darling couple? We always hope for their romance to grow more than ever and soon to bring us with the good news of their tying the knot.