Chris Pine Dating History With Zoe Kravitz, Olivia Munn, Beau Garrett, Lindsay Lohan and all Others

The Hollywood hunk Chris Pine is as dashing as ever. California-born Chris has played major roles in many hit movies such as Star Trek, Princess Diaries, and Jack Ryan. 35-year-old Chris was definitely gifted with his acting skills from his parents; Robert Pine and Gwynee Gilford who both worked as actors in the past. He started his career in 2003 with the TV series ER and has been performing exceptionally well in Hollywood. Chris has been in the limelight not only for his movies but also for the relationships.


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Chris Pine’s relationship with Zoe Kravitz

Rumors spread intensively of the couple being in a relationship after they were spotted together at the pre-Oscar party of 2015. Zoe Kravitz who is a 28-year-old American actress starred in the Divergent series as Christina. The couple was also in the limelight when they were at the Coldplay concert in September 2014. Again in February 2015, they paid a visit together for an event at Madeo Restaurant. They have been found to be together at various events since 2010.

Chris Pine and Girlfriend Vail Bloom Kissed at Lunch Date.Vail is Reality TV Star of Vanderpump Rule

Chris Pine and ex-girlfriend Zoe Kravitz

Chris Pine and ex-girlfriend Zoe Kravitz

Chris Pine Kissed then-girlfriend Iris Bjork Johannesdottir

The former couple shared an intimate kiss while on a tour to France. Icelandic Beauty Queen who exchanged a kiss with Chris is known to be 27-year-old Iris Bjork Johannesdottir. The two had a romantic date set up at an outdoor cafe after they had an equally romantic tour to the Eiffel Tower. The couple was so cozy with one another and was providing perfect company in the cold weather of Paris. They even smiled for a quick selfie on the roads and had an enjoyable trip to France in November 2013.


Olivia Munn and Chris Pine’s relationship controversy

American actress and model Olivia Munn and Chris Pine, who was known to be dating before 2012, faced a rather unusual controversy. On March 6, 2012, few pictures that Olivia supposedly sent to Chris were leaked online. Her phone was hacked and the pictures were leaked to the world. According to Zimbio, the couple was quite serious with their relationship in 2009.

According to EOnline in 2010, sources discovered that The X-men actress was shocked when she was informed that Chris Pine had been going out with The Sopranos actress Nathalie Walker on a Friday night. When Chris didn’t receive any of her phone calls, she left him a message letting him know that the relationship had ended.

Romance between Chris and Beau Garett

The former couple had been having an on-off relationship since quite a long time during late 2000’s. Actress Beau Garett and handsome actor Chris were spotted together in July 2009 for lunch. When they departed ways, they just hugged one another. Previously, they were seen at a Lakers Game in March 2009. This could probably mean that the couple is in the ‘Just Friends’ zone.



Lohan and Pine’s love life

Both the actors worked together when they were assigned for the rom-com movie Just My Luck. They were rumored to be together since they were working as a team for the movie. The Unstoppable actor has opened up about the valuable lessons he obtained while working with his co-partner Lohan during Just My Luck. “Hollywood is a like a big bubble; there are some who take care of you and then you become the center of it”.

Did Pine dump Audrina to save his image?

The couple started their romance in May 2009 and soon when the hottie was found lip-locking with the reality show star Audrina Patridge. Soon after, it was revealed that Chris Pine has dumped his girl Audrina. Probably because she was getting in between his fame?

Currently, he is dating actress,  Sofia Boutella. The couple has been dating since  2017. Most recently, on  March  2017,  the pair appeared at Red carpet superstars in Las Vegas.