37 Years American Actress Jessica Simpson Receives Large Amount From Her Profession; Has a Huge Net Worth

The American actress, singer, and fashion designer, Jessica Simpson, who is happily married to her husband Eric Johnson and has two children with him, has added a lot to her total net worth through her career in the Hollywood Industry.


She was in a married relationship with husband, Nick Lachey in her past but, she had to get divorced. But, later, she tied the knot with her current husband, Eric Johnson. And, now, she is more than happy with him and her children. Since she is successful in her private life, it should show in her professional life too, don't you think so too? Well, if you want to know about the professional life, net worth, salary, lifestyle, earnings of the actress, then keep on scrolling. 

Jessica Simpson Net Worth

The 37 year' old actress, Jessica Simpson has an estimated total net worth of around $150 million but, it was heard, only her collection of lifestyle items comprising of more than 30 products nets well over $1 billion

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CAPTION: Jessica Simpson SOURCE: Instagram

Almost all of her income is from the acting industry but, she has also won a lot from her singing and other careers. She started out her career in 1998 when she was just 8 years' old. And, since that, she has been on the rise. She has been in the movies like The Master of Disguise, The Dukes of Hazzard, and Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous among others. She earned just $2.5 million salaries from her movie, The Dukes of Hazzard

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Apart from that, she has also been in the TV shows such as That '70s Shos, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, The Prince of Beauty, and Entourage.

YouTube: Jessica Simpson in Entourage

She is most famous for her discography as she has 7 studio albums, 3 video albums, and 15 music videos. Her first album, Sweet Kisses has sold around 4 million copies worldwide.

Later, she again published Irresistible and In This Skin, which both gained around 2 million and 7 million worldwide sales. If every copy sold is priced at around a dollar, then she earned $4, $2, and $7 million from the sales of the above-mentioned songs. 

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Her album ReJoyce: The Christmas Album and A Public Affair have earned her a  total of $2.78 million and $1.68 million from its sales. 

Jessica Simpson Earnings from Tours

The singer, Jessica Simpson went out on a debut concert tour from the August of 2001 to the October of the same year. There were a total of 25 shows in North America from which she earned a lot as only the ticket was priced in between $29 to $39. 

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CAPTION: Jessica Simpson's Song SOURCE: Cover Alia

In 2004, she was again the hot topic due to her Reality Tour. The tour started at around the 4th of June and ended on October 2nd. From that tour, she earned a total of around $2.3 million. In every place, she collected more than a $100 thousand. 

Jessica Simpson's Earnings from her Lifestyle Brand

Jessica Simpson opened up her clothing lifestyle brand, The Jessica Simpson Collection in 2005. The brand was partnered with the Tarrant Apparel Group. It was reported that in 2014, the company has reached a successful feat earning more than $1 billion in annual sales. 

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CAPTION: The Jessica Simpson Collection's Logo SOURCE: Shoes Boots

The shop has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California and deals with the products such as the clothing, footwear, handbag,s jeans, purses, sunglasses, and even jewelry. The brand first started as a shoe brand in connection with Nine West. But, later on, with the success of the brand, Jessica added a lot of other items to the brand. Currently, the brand has around 22 different licenses under its name. 

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CAPTION: Jessica Simpson's Clothing Line SOURCE: Entity Mag

In 2010, the brand earned a total of $750 million making it one of the top-selling celebrity clothing store. And, since then, the prices of the brand has hiked until now. From her brands, she gets royalties from the known clothing stores such as Belk and Macy's. In 2010 only, she sold nearly $100 million in the retail stores and about $300 million in wholesale. In just the same year, she had a total of 650 department stores selling her clothing lifestyle brands.

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Within all that, Simpson is set to earn around $20 million per year from only her royalties and this data was calculated back in late 2010. Hence, it is no wonder that her yearly income from royalties has increased in the recent years. 

Jessica Simpson's Lifestyle

Now, to talk about the way of life of Jessica Simpson, then she can be seen as a fitness freak, a parent, and a wife. She has been constantly making it up to herself with getting in shape after she had gained more than 50 lbs after the birth of her children. But, thanks to her enthusiasm, she was able to lose all of those extra pounds.

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CAPTION: Jessica Simpson when she was fat SOURCE: The Dirty

As you all may know, getting in shape requires gym or yoga classes and a lot of balanced diets. And, you know how expensive it is to join a gym and get the proper nutrition. She also had her own personal fitness coach, Liz Josefsberg, the author of Target 100: The World's Simplest Weight-Loss Journey in 6 Easy Steps

CAPTION: Jessica Simpson when she is fit SOURCE: Celebrity Health and Fitness

Jessica had a house together with her husband, Eri Johnson in the Beverly Hills. But, they put that mansion for sale back in 2013 for a jaw-dropping $7 million. The house is made up of 5500 square foot of land and is filled with grand gardens to a decorative cave-like outdoor decor with a modern look on the inside. The house was bought by another Hollywood Star, Jennifer Lawrence

CAPTION: Jessica Simpson's Beverly Hills home SOURCE: Lonny

Before the sale of their Beverly Hills house, they bought off another piece of artwork in the Hidden Hills abode. They bought off the house spanning across 11,000 square foot of land and containing 6 bedrooms with 10 baths for about $11.5 million. The house had a large swimming pool with a patio. Also, it had a luxurious French look with private veranda and an expansive view of the downtown. 

CAPTION: Jessica Simpson's new home SOURCE: US Magazine

 Top 10 Facts of Jessica Simpson

1. Jessica Simpson was born on July 10, 1980. 
2. She is married to Eric Johnson since 2014.
3. She has two children, a son and a daughter with him. 
4. She was previously married to Nick Lachey for about 4 years. 
5. She was a virgin until she was married to Nick Lachey in 2002. 
6. Jessica has a total estimated net worth of around $150 million. 
7. She has her own lifestyle brand, Jessica Simpson Collection. 
8. Simpson's brand has a revenue of around $1 billion. 
9. She won a Chrysler Crossfire sports car but she exchanges the car for a van of $50,000 to help an orphanage. 
10. She is also a member of the Make A Wish Foundation.