X-Men Actress, Jennifer Lawrence Proud Middle School Dropout

Oscar-winning Actress, Jennifer Lawrence is surprisingly a middle school drop out. She is one of the actresses who are uneducated but made big in the acting career.


The X-men actress, Jennifer proudly opened up about leaving school at the young age of fourteen. Check the details below.

Jennifer Doesn't Regret Dropping out

In a sneak peek of her interview with 60 MinutesBill Whitaker, Jennifer said,

"I dropped out of middle school. I don't technically have a GED or a diploma. I am self-educated."

In the interview, she was asked whether she regrets her decision or not? She proudly responded saying she doesn't regret it. She also said the school wasn't easy for her and she was deeply interested in acting since she was child and school did not feel like a good career.

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Twitter: Jennifer opens up about dropping out of middle school;

Jennifer said,

"And to get people to try to understand that when you're 14 years old wanting to drop out of school and do this, and your parents are just like ‘You're out of your mind.'"

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Leaving school and pursuing the dream career turned out to be Jennifer's best decision as we are getting such a beautiful and talented actress in our Hollywood industries.

Jennnifer's determination paid off