CNN Chris Cuomo Moves to Shake Up Prime Time

CNN is moving Chris Cuomo to 9 PM Hour in this spring.


CNN morning show host Chris Cuomo turns to shore up prime time, the toughest time slot in the cable network. Last summer Cuomo PrimeTime aired for a week and him head-back in most of the January months.

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CAPTION: CNN Chris Cuomo Moves to Shake Up Prime Time SOURCE: Twitter

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Since 2013, Cuomo was co-anchor of the morning show New Day that airs 6-9A.M. EST. Now co-anchor John Berman will take over his New Days show.

Now it will be similar to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Fox’s Sean Hannity nightly show and other prime time airing show.

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CNN Spokeswoman told, “The show will feature Cuomo’s signature in-depth one-on-one interviews that test politicians and newsmakers on their position, as well as analyses of news of the day and the latest breaking news.”

The exact date is not yet announced but, Cuomo will be aired between Andreson Cooper and Don Lemon.

On Wednesday Cuomo celebrated the announcement tweeting “let’s get after it” and “testing power and pushing for progress” his favorite phrase.