Opps! What Is That, Trump English; Chris Cuomo Insulted President Of United State

Chris Cuomo phrased What Is That, Trump English on a multi-part interview with U.S White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on a CNN show Cuomo Primetime.


The interview went off-the Rails when after they started talking about the President Donald Trump 's signing the federal government bill for couple more weeks and Conway continued the interview with Chris Cuomo asking about president Trump's decision. Looking past the interviewee counselor Conway and interviewer Cuomo's show, the viewers felt the firework going on.

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On January 22, 2018, the interview went most combative yet and a bit personal.

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Conway warned Cuomo if he was making fun of president of America? The guy who you are making fun of is selected as President by the people of America and he further added president is trying to make this place safer and secure building physical borders.

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[ CAPTION: Chris Cuomo and counselor Kellyanne Conway interview ]
[ SOURCE: Mediaite ]

After the dramatic debate between Cuomo and Conway ended, the anchor Cuomo asked why the government act “Immigrants like monsters”. Conway zinged and said “I’m all over it. I bought the property in this place!”

The chat continued for more than half an hours before the interview finally ended.