CNN’s Don Lemon Return To TV With An Emotional Speech After Sudden Death Of Beloved Sister

Anchor Don Lemon returns to TV show with an emotional speech after his sister L’Tana ‘Leisa’ lemon Grimes died in the unexpected drowning in Louisiana while she was fishing.


The death was a tragic incident and left Don Lemon and his family in tear & sorrow. Lemon told, “He is back as this is the place where my sister wants me to be.” His emotion speech has melted the heart of the viewers.

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Lemon was really struggling to sit on the broadcast and the emotional voice and face were the proof of it. Lemon told he receives the tragic death news while he was in the studio and thanks to the CNN’s president Jeff Zucker who told him he will not leave the office until you left.

[ CAPTION: Don Lemon ][ SOURCE: youtube ]

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Lemon wiping his tears thanked fellow host including Megyn Kelly, Sean Hannity, Chris Cuomo, Wendy Williams and other for the crucial support. He said, “it’s important for all Americans to know that when something like this happens, it tends to bring out of the best in people.”

He thanked everyone for encouragement who he cannot reach out personally.

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After the inspection, the police confirmed it an accident and there is no doubt of foul play. The officials reported she tripped and fell into the fishing pond. Police arrive at the scene at 4 when they received a call saying a woman has fallen into a nearby pond.