Rosie O’ Donnells Tweet “Do UR JOB DAMN IT” CNN Chris Cuomo Over Conway Interview

Emmy Award winner Rosie O’Donnell rips CNN host Chris Cuomo via Twitter on 22 January 2018 when Cuomo interviewed US White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.

Rosie told that Cuomo needs to get rid of dishonest people like Conway. Rosie furiously tweets "Do UR DAMN JOB." Further, she added, "no one’s hero obviously, you are just a gatekeeper, Cuomo".

[ CAPTION: Rosie O’ Donnells Tweet CNN Chris Cuomo ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

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Conway has been frequently sparred CNN host Cuomo over the multi-part interview. Earlier when Cuomo said What Is That, Trump English in the interview Conway zings are you making fun of president of America.

If you have seen those multi-part interviews between Conway and Cuomo you must know that the fireworks went on. Earlier Tuesday Conway and Cuomo were attacking each other with tweets over Trump’s tweet related to women march.

[ CAPTION: Women's day march tweet by Donald Trump ][ SOURCE: Donald Trump Twitter ]

In the tweet, Cuomo pops out joke and Conway replied that it's nothing funny the women unemployment rate has gone down in these seventeen years.