Michael McKean Said Sean Hannity Sees Sperm Everywhere

Michael McKean said Sean Hannity sees sperm everywhere when he claimed that a Barack Obama portrait has hidden ‘secret sperm’ in it.


Actor Michael McKean unsatisfied with Obama insult takes to Twitter to explain why Hannity sees so and said: “To be fair, Sean Hannity thinks he sees sperm everywhere.” The tweet was liked and re-tweeted by several McKean fans.

[ CAPTION: Michael McKean said Sean Hannity sees sperm everywhere ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

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Fox News host Sean Hannity is neither a great fan nor fond of Baraka Obama new portrait. The image was unveiled on 12 February and received bizarre tweet via Hannity Twitter on Tuesday. Though Hannity deleted the crazy tweet it was screenshot.

[ CAPTION: Sean Hannity tweet on Obama’s Portrait ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

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Sean Hannity tweet “Obama’s Portrait – a stark contrast to predecessors with inappropriate sexual innuendo.”

Hannity later explains that “Earlier today my web staff posted content that was not reviewed by me before publication.” He continued “It does not reflect voice and message so I have to delete it.”