Who is Dana White Net Worth? How much is Dana White's Net Worth in 2018? Detail Here

The American Businessman and the current President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana White, who still thinks Conor McGregor who had been away from the sports for more than one and a half year, as his Ace of Spade, has added a lot to his total net worth through his hard work and way of business management.


With a much successful personal life, he set out to make his professional life grow up to such a high level. He is married to wife Anne White and has four children. Many don't know about the professional life of Dana, so today, we have embarked on a journey to reveal the truth of what Dana earns through his professional career. 

Dana White's Net Worth

The 48 years' old actress, Dana White has an estimated net worth of around $300 million but some other tabloid sites suggest that she has a total net worth of around $500 million. According to some tabloids, it is suggested that the businessman earns around $20 million as his annual salary.

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CAPTION: Dana White SOURCE: Instagram

As he is a businessman, he earns a whole lot of cash from his business ventures. He started his career when he was only 19. He worked as a hotel valet at that time. But, because of his passion for combat sports, which he had been doing since he was 17, he left the job and got into managing and refereeing fights.

From there, he earned himself enough cash to go to Las Vegas and open up his own venture, Dana White Enterprises. His company started with the management of Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz

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CAPTION: Tito Ortiz managed by Dana White SOURCE: Honololu Street Pulse

Later, he, alongside his childhood brothers Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, purchased the nearly bankrupt company called UFC. They bought the company for about $2 million and took the company into what it is now. Dana had a fair share of 9% on the company Zuffa LLC which was made to buy the UFC. In only 2015, the company generated around $600 million in revenue. 

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CAPTION: UFC owned by Zuffa LLC and Dana White SOURCE: Dave Manuel

In July 2016, they sold the company to WME-IMG for about $4 billion with Dana still the president. And from that, he earned at least $360 million before taxes. Also, it has been heard that he earns 9% of the total profit of the company. 

Dana White's Cars and Bikes

With a passion for combat sports, Dana White is also seen with a much similar passion for cars. According to him, he is a lover of old muscle cars. He is the proud owner of a Barracuda Car which was custom-made for him on the Spike TV. During the old days, the car was priced at around $2.5 thousand and since his car was tailored, it should have cost him a much bigger price. 

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CAPTION: Dana White with his Barracuda SOURCE: Celebrity Carz

Apart from the old muscle cars, he also has two Ferraris. While many would want to buy a Lamborghini, he was in no doubt whatsoever to buy himself a better-looking car. A Ferrari costs range from around $180 thousand to more than $400 thousand. Since he has two Ferraris, he should have spent around $400 thousand for buying both of the cars. 

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CAPTION: Dana White's Cars SOURCE: Mixed Martial Arts

Apart from the supercar and the old muscle car he owns, he also has his own Range Rover for his day to day operations. As per the US market price, he should have bought the car for more than $36 thousand. According to Dana, he first drove a rusted Datsun B210 car. The car was yellow and felt really old. 

CAPTION: Dana White's Range Rover SOURCE: FighterXFasion

Apart from that, Dana is also a speed lover which is why he has bought two motorbikes for himself. One is of the Augusta MV and the other one is of Ducati. Both bikes should cost him around $20,000 or more. 

On a recent note, he has also gifted his 16 years' old son a brand new BMW car. The car should have cost him somewhere between $30 thousand to $103 thousand. 

CAPTION: Dana White's bikes SOURCE: Dub Magazine
CAPTION: Dana White's gift to his son SOURCE: Instagram

Dana White's Houses

Apart from collecting cars, the president of the UFC, Dana White also seems to like to buy houses. Since 2016, the businessman is reported to have bought a total of three houses in the Tournament Hills in Las Vegas. He bought off the houses in the same neighborhood where he had the Pine Island Court which widens to around 6000 square foot of area. 

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CAPTION: Dana White's house SOURCE: Virtual Globetrotting

He purchased the 7700 square foot house for about $1.8 million, a 5500 square foot house for about $2.4 million and another 4700 square foot house for around $2 million. He bought his first house in the summer of 2006 for about $1.95 million. Records indicate that it was the house of Frank Fertitta. 

Since he has a lot of houses and cars, Dana White should be having a great lavish life, shouldn't he? 

Top 10 Facts of Dana White

1. Dana White was born on July 28, 1969.
2. Dana White is of an Irish descent. 
3. Dana White graduated from the Hermon High School in Maine. 
4. Dana White started his career as a hotel valet. 
5. Dana White has a net worth of around $500 million. 
6. Dana White had 9% shares in the Zuffa LLC. 
7. Dana White is married to Anne White and has four children with her. 
8. Dana White donated $100 thousand to his high school in 2011. 
9. Dana White is an atheist. 
10. The president of the UFC has a disease called Meniere's disease, a neurological disorder.