American Boxing Advisor Al Haymon's Net Worth, Earnings, Sources of Income, Company, Contracts, and Enterprises

The American boxing advisor, manager, and promoter, Al Haymon, who is best known for his managing skills for Floyd Mayweather and such other boxers, has added a lot to his total net worth through his career in boxing promotion. 


With his brother, Bobby Haymon, in a professional boxing league, Al Haymon turned to become one of the most influential men in the combat sports. Most of the deals of the boxer being worked on in mystery, not many people know of the manager's total earnings. So, today we are going to reveal all about Al Haymon's net worth. So, keep scrolling down to know all about him. 

Al Haymon's Net Worth

The 63 years' old American boxer and manager, Al Haymon, has an estimated total net worth of around $15 million. All of his income is from the promotion and management of the best fighters in the UFC. 

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CAPTION: Al Haymon SOURCE: The Sun

As Al Haymon has a Master's Degree in Business Administration, he started his career through his own promotion company which promoted musicians and live concerts. He along with his partner, Phil Casey began promoting concerts to package several acts. They also created their own Budweiser Superfest, a concert series. 

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CAPTION: Budweiser Superfest, a tour started by Al Haymon SOURCE: YouTube

According to an interview, Al Haymon and his partners earned and grossed about $60 million in 1991. According to a US salary report, they have stated that an average concert promoter earns about $65,000 or more per year. 

Al Haymon's Earnings from Boxing

As we all know Al Haymon from his management of top-flight fighters, most of us fail to find out more about him because of his secretive nature. Haymon entered boxing in 2000 when he worked with the Vernon Forrest. 

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CAPTION: Al Haymon with the Vernon Forrest team SOURCE: BOXRAW

He then got licensed in Nevada as a manager and got into the promotion of the combat sport. Later, he found a deal with his biggest client, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Al looks after and manages all of Mayweather's contracts with the Top Rank Boxing which he maneuvered for about $750,000. 

YouTube: Floyd Mayweather talking about Al Haymon

In one of Mayweather's interviews, he stated that he would have already been a billionaire if he had Al Haymon from the beginning. He has several other top clients like Gerald Washington and Lamont Peterson

Al Haymon's Enterprises

The boxing promoter, Al Haymon also has his own enterprise for the promotion of boxing. His company is named Premier Boxing Champions. This company was built for the renewal of the mainstream exposure to the sport of boxing. 

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CAPTION: Al Haymon' Premier Boxing Champions SOURCE: The Fight City

As the company's show is broadcasted in the NBC Sports, Haymon pays about $20 million per year for its broadcast. In 2015, July 1, Top Rank filed a lawsuit of about $100 million to cease the events of the company's broadcasts, but they settled the case with a confidential agreement. 

CAPTION: Al Haymon' Premier Boxing Champions SOURCE: Premier Boxing Champions

But, before that, he also had his own A.H. Enterprises established for the same purpose of promotion of the musical industry. But, SFX Entertainment bought some of promoters and venues including A.H. enterprises for around $1 billion. 

Al Haymon is still in the boxing promotion business with Floyd Mayweather, as his best client.