Dana White still thinks Conor Is his Ace Of Spade, Wants to Save the McGregor Match for Future

Injuries are the part of the game. After Tony met the tragic accident, fans were bragging that Conor McGregor should have been the fill-in for the UFC 223 main event. Despite being away from the sports for more than 500 days and holding up the division UFC president Dana White still counts Conor as an Ace of Spade.


Dana White was seen defending Conor for not filling in in a very straightforward manner. On the other hand, Max who stepped up to fill in for the place of Tony Ferguson is being cherished by all MMA community despite being speculated to have a punchers chance.

After Tony Ferguson was ruled out of UFC 223 following a bizarre tripping accident, Max Holloway is trying his hands on becoming a double champion. Holloway is taking a championship match against the most vicious LW athlete in a short six day's notice which many might take as a really bad decision and if the opponent is Khabib Nurmagomedov, many say No!

The match on Saturday as per many will be a mismatch as Max is not as good as Tony on the ground and Khabib, on the other hand, is a World Sambo champion. People are rooting for Max but the talk of the town still remains Conor Mcgregor not filling up for Tony. 

Well, as per UFC president White, Conor wasn't offered the fight against Khabib as he needs more time to promote Conor's fight!

Conor McGregor is currently the LW champion but he is out of the fight scene for quite a while now hence Dana had to speak up about it!

When ESPN asked if McGregor was offered the fight with Khabib, he cleared the air saying that McGregor wasn't offered the fight saying:

“I don’t think Conor McGregor could make the weight on six days’ notice. That’s a tough weight cut for him,” White said. “And Conor is not the guy I want to throw in as a late replacement fighter. He’s a guy I want to make a fight with and have the right amount of time to promote the fight. I think Conor could return in September, and it could be against one of these guys.”

Let's see What Dana said, in his own words:

But on the other hand,  White was pretty clear that the fight between Khabib and Holloway will be for a lightweight title. As White had already cleared in UFC 223 event that Mcgregor would be stripped off and the 223 events will be for the Real Lightweight belt. He further has cleared that Tony will also be stripped of the Interim Title and the winner of this fight will be called as the real LW champ.