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Stephen William Hawking widely known as Stephen Hawking is an English theoretical physicist, author, cosmologist, and Director of Research at Centre for the Theoretical Cosmology within the University of Cambridge. Hawking scientific works include a collaboration with the Roger Penrose on the gravitational singularity theorems predicting the black holes' radiation which is also called the Hawking radiation.


Stephen Hawking was the first person to set out a theory of the cosmology which was explained by the union of the general theory of the relativity and quantum mechanics. Let's explore Stephen Hawking's Net worth and salary.

Stephen Hawking net worth and salary

 As one of the world best scientist and the global bestselling author who was also involved in a very public divorce, Stephen Hawking's wealth even after his recent death welcomes many speculations.

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According to London Evening Standard Hawking has an estimated net worth of $20 million. He has also earned around $5.63 million from his book. While the daily mail evaluated that his earnings from his science classics are about $2.82 million.

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He also earned as a Lucasian Professor of the Mathematics at Cambridge University where he earns about £140,000 according to the Times Higher Education professors.

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He also won $3 million prizes from the Russian internet entrepreneur Yuri Milner's foundation for his hard work on how black hole emits radiation.

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The professor once advertised for an assistant on a salary around £25,000 annually as he suffered from neuron disease. The Wheelchair used by Stephen Hawking reportedly cost around 10,000 pounds.

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Stephen Hawking: Life, Science, Awards, and Achievements

Stephen Hawking was born on 1942, January 8 in Oxford, England. At the age of 17, he enrolled at Oxford University College where he studied physics.

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He has reportedly found his work to be a "ridiculously easy", and by the third years of his studies, he earned his first honors degree in the Natural Science. When he graduated in 1966, he owned his first award as he was given the Adams Prize for his essay.

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He has also received the numerous other awards and honors throughout his life. He won Presidential Medal of Freedom just like Albert Einstein which is the highest civilian award in the United States.

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Hawking came up with a theoretical argument called Hawking Radiation. This group of breaking prediction and defying the previously-purposed idea that nothing can escape from the black hole proving that some radiations escape the black hole.

Finally, we like to conclude and assure that we will remember Hawking for his contribution to the field of Astro Physics and Cosmology.