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Is Timothy Hawking really Stephen Hawking's child?

June 3, 2016
First published on:June 3, 2016
by John

Is Timothy Hawking really Stephen Hawking's child?

You might be surprised to know this as we are less known about the family of Stephen Hawking.

Jane Hawking, the first wife of Stephen with whom he has three children Lucy, Robert and Timothy.

Timothy Hawking really Stephen Hawking's child

Due to the physical condition of Stephen, Jane could not have a proper sex life with him.

Through the memoir of Stephen Hawking, we could assume that the father of Timothy is Jonathan Hellyer Jones but Timothy is followed with surnamed Hawking, not Jones. Though Stephen is not Timothy’s biological father, Stephen is the one whom Tim calls his father.

Tim as a boy playing chess with his father Stephen Hawking     Source: DailyMail

Father Stephen and son Timothy both shared the same passion for motor-racing and Timothy still cherish the advice given by his father when he was 12-

“I remember asking him a question which I think at the time I thought was a bit silly. I wanted to know if there were lots of other tiny universes dotted around.”

“He gave me the answer and then he told me never to be afraid to come up with an idea or a hypothesis no matter how daft it might seem.”

Timothy and Stephen hawking     Source: DailyMail

37-years-old Tim is now a languages graduate from Exeter University who now works in marketing for the toy firm Lego.

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