English Author Jane Hawking is Living Happily with Husband Jonathan Jones and Children

Jane Hawking, who is widely known as the first wife of Late Professor Stephen Hawking, is an English author. After her divorce from Stephen, she got married to Jonathan Jones and living happily together till know.


Everyone knows about the Stephen, we guess so but do you know about his first wife, Jane who has also contributed to the whole world through her writing. Literally, we might have read her writing but what about her personal life. After separating from Stephen what is she doing? Well, we will disclose everything about her personal life so stay tuned till the end.

Jane Hawking living happily with Jonathan Jones

Starting from the beginning of the story! Jane was still the wife of Stephen when she met the organist Jonathan Hellyer Jones in the late 80s. They met after she was suggested by a friend to take a break from life and take up singing classes

CAPTION: Jane Hawking with her husband Jonathan Jones SOURCE: Pinterest

Later, Jonathan moved into the house of the Hawkings to help Jane in her daily chores. Later, as Stephen grew close with his nurse, Elaine Mason, he ended up leaving Jane, leaving her awestruck.

Later, in 1995, Stephen and Jane got divorced, and two years after that, she walked down the aisle with Jonathan. With her marriage to Jones, she has been living a happy life with no hard feeling for her ex-husband. She has even written two books about her life with Stephen. 

Jane Hawking's children

Talking about Jane Hawking's children, She is the mother of three children. All of her three children are from her relationship with Stephen. She has not given birth to any child with her second husband.

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After the two years of Jane and Stephane wedding, the couple welcomed their first child as a son, Robert Hawking in May 1967. After three years of their first born, Jane gave birth to a second child, a daughter in 1970, Lucy Hawking.

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CAPTION: Jane Hawking and Stephen Hawking with their children SOURCE: Daily Express

And after the long gap of around decade, the couple again gave birth to their third child. They welcomed their third child as a son, Timothy Hawking in April 1979.

Jane Hawking's life with Stephen Hawking

Jane got married to the Stephen after being in a romantic relationship for short time. the couple met each other with the help of their mutual friend. After the few meeting's they developed their romantic relationship and decided to move on together even after Jane being aware of Stephen's diagnosed with motor neuron diseases. 

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CAPTION: Jane Hawking and Stephen Hawking wedding day picture SOURCE: Christian Connection Blog
CAPTION: Jane Hawking and Stephen Hawking wedding day picture SOURCE: Pinterest

After dating for a few years the couple got engaged in October 1964 and after the years around they married on 14th July 1965. But as we all have heard the saying thing does not go well as we expected. Same happens in the life of Jane and Stephen even after being together they decided to separate in 1990 and divorce five years later.

Top 10 Facts of Jane Hawking

1. Jane Hawking was born on 29 March 1944.
2. She was born as Jane Beryl Wilde.
3. She was born to mother Beryl and father George Wilde.
4. Even after knowing the illness of Stephen in 1963, She decided to move on with him and got married in 1965.
5. Even after the divorce with Stephen Hawking, she supported him due to his health problem.
6. She wrote a book about her first marriage, Music to Move the Stars: My Life with Stephen (1991) and updated version of same in a title Traveling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen (2007).
7. Besides writing, she is also known as a teacher.
8. Her current husband is a musician.
9. Stephen and Jane both were graduated from Cambridge University.
10. Jane is now married to Jonathan Jones.