Bebe Rexha net worth has $4 million, Know about her Career and Award

The American singer, songwriter, and record producer, Bebe Rexha, who is currently single, has added a lot to her total net worth and achieved huge success from her career as well. 


Today, we are going to talk about the total earnings of the RNB singer, Bebe Rexha. How much has she earned throughout her 7 years long career? What she spends all of her salary on? Stick on this page to know it all!

Total Net Worth of Bebe Rexha 

The total estimated net worth of the singer Bebe Rexha is around $4 million. The singer earned all of her worth from the songs she has written and also, from the songs she has produced. 

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CAPTION: Bebe Rexha SOURCE: Wikia

She started her career as the lead vocalist of an experimental band, Black Cards. After that, she has gained success all year round as in 2013, she signed a contract with the famed American record label producer, Warner Bros

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Bebe also earned a lot from her tours as from her All Your Fault Tour in 2017 bagged her a total of around $54,000. 

Bebe Rexha as a YouTube Star

Well, apart from being a famed singer, Bebe Rexha is also a YouTube Star as she has a total of 3,635,958 number of subscribers in her YouTube Channel. If we calculate the total views she has received in her videos, then it sums up to become 1,090,222,360. 

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CAPTION: Bebe Rexha as a YouTube Star SOURCE: Youtube

To talk about how much she earns through her YouTube Videos, then according to some tabloids it is guessed that she earns an estimated $342.4 K monthly from the site. And, if the amounts are converted to a yearly basis, then she earns a total of $4.1 million from her YouTube Channel. 

The lifestyle of Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha has been living a lavish lifestyle, it seems! She owns a black SUV car worth more than $50,000. Apart from that, like every other people, she is also a fan of the Apple brands as she is the proud owner of an iPhone phone. 

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CAPTION: Bebe Rexha's Black SUV SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Bebe Rexha's iPhone Selfie SOURCE: Instagram

As for a star, it is necessary to stay beautiful at all times, so it's no wonder, Bebe also does the same. She has increased her beauty with the same beautiful dresses several times as she seems glittery in every red carpet events.

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Bebe Rexha wore a long sleeve boat nek gown during an award show. The gown was designed by Naeem Khan and has been made with 100% lining silk, and eye closures at the nape. The dress is at a cost of around $6,995 in the US Market. 

CAPTION: Bebe Rexha wearing a Naeem Khan dress SOURCE: Instagram

Again, another one of her looks was all red as she wore a red coral lace crystal embroidered siphon front V-neck dress at one of her award shows. The dress had flower designs below the waistline and had a V-neck with a slip-in at the top. The dress is currently at a price of $4702.85 in the US Market. 

CAPTION: Bebe Rexha wearing a Nedret Taciroglu dress SOURCE: Instagram

All in all, with such dresses and the car she uses, it can really be said that the singer Bebe Rexha lives a luxurious life. For more stay with hitberry.