Is YouTuber Zoie burgher Single? Disclose her Love Affairs and Relationship

To get in the game, YouTubers do lots of stuff. From making a dis track pranking entire auditions with prank videos, it's no doubt that there are few genuine YouTubers out there. Youtuber Zoie Burgher is famously is known for her youtube channel Zoie Burgher, which have gained popularity over past year because of its sexual content.

It was a matter of time her channel grew bigger every month and now she is on her way to be one of the rising stars in youtube. Wearing a bikini and even twerking on online stream have gained some controversial comments on her channel.

Youtuber Zoie Burgher banned after twerking?

Gaming Girl, Zoe days turned worse from bad when she went through legal troubles from youtube. Burgher is a Youtube streamer who has been previously banned twitch because of the sexual content of her videos.

During the live streaming, Zoie gained hatred and as well as much love after twerking and referring herself a "bikini streamer". It's quite amazing her daily subscribers are increasing and Inside Luxe Gaming, 'Egirl' Zoie Burgher's Provocative Streaming Empire, there is the lot to expect.

While playing games like Call of Duty and other games, Zoie appears with a smoky hot body in a bikini and panties on. Not only, she is known for playing the game online, Zoie often hits the news with other controversies. Last year twerking bikini vlogger’ speaks out after perv snaps her in the NUDE and said that she was VIOLATED.

It's obvious that she will gain lots of hatred after such behavior and on response to haters, she said:

“I stream, and all that entails: storytelling, game commentary, chat interaction, fostering a sense of community....while in a bikini,”

It's surprising to know, people are actually loving it and is racking up millions of views on her channel.

But, the ban has to do nothing with her twerking or stripping off. Burgher online handle is a reference to the character of Zoidberg and all of her YouTube videos have featured overlays displayed on the bottom left.

As a result, owners of  Futurama decided to cease youtube channel of Zoie. However, in a video, Zoie has claimed that it was due to her unusual behavior. But in recent days Burgher is back with her new channel Zoie Burgher and is definitely planning for a youtube reality show: BIKINIS, VIDEO GAMES, AND A CALIFORNIA MANSION.

Zoie Burgher love affairs

With amazing body figures and pretty face, many of you might be wondering this beauty obviously got someone in her life. If we look at the dating history of Zoie there are not much of information on her love affairs. We know that her personal life is now public interest, but she likes to keep it away from the media.

It's hard to digest, Bikini gamer Zoie despite being one of the YouTubers who shares most of the day to day work never revealed about her love affairs.

If we take a quick look at her Instagram, there are lots posts of her. Burgher rarely drops any hints of her pictures with other men.

When we keep scrolling down her Instagram, then you will only find sizzling and hot pictures of Zoie on vacations.

We hope in near future she opens more about her personal life.