Whistleblower Blows Whistle About Trump Campaign That Help Trump Win Presidency

Christopher Wylie who calls himself Whistleblower attracts world attention after he reported Cambridge Analytica helped Trump election campaign with inappropriately harvested data from Facebook.


Acknowledging the breach Christopher Wylie has been suspended from both Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Inc. is in serious trouble following Whistleblower reports that personal data of 50 million users were obtained by Cambridge Analytica to help Trump win 2016 presidential election. The lawmaker in both America and United Kingdom has started scrutinizing Facebook, whose shares dropped more than 9% after the incident.

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Who Took Facebook Data And What?

In 2014, the United Kingdom affiliated to American political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica hired Aleksandr Kogan, Soviet-American researcher to collect information what the user like. The 270K FB users who downloaded his app, thisisyourdigitallife where most or all were paid small money for filling the personality survey form.  Despite it, he collected more from their privacy setting counting it universally 50 million including their friends on same social media.

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In truth, the apps concluded in terms service that it will not seek on user data including their friends.

How Kogan Got Permission From Facebook?

In normal words, since 2007 the social media giant has allowed outside program developers to sell their apps on FB. So Facebook allowed learning and collecting data from the application users if their privacy setting granted permission to it.

Then Why Facebook Made It Serious Issue?

Facebook revealed Kogan lied to FB. He told the data was for the research process and sold the data to Cambridge Analytica which violated the company policy. In 2015, Facebook realized the fact and kicked his apps from its space and warned him to delete every data that he has collected using the application.

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Facebook confirmed that Cambridge Analytica removed the data but the media denied.

For What Purpose Cambridge Analytica Saved The Facebook Data?

The main purpose of Cambridge Analytica was to learn about maximum voters. The company might use the data to create a psychological profile in political campaigns. And Wylie said former Trump campaign manager Cory Lewandowski came before it was sure Donald Trump was running for the Campaign. He also said they had a meeting in 2015.

How Much Was Kogan Paid By Cambridge Analytica?

According to the report from New York Times, to create the application it cost $800k and allowed Kogan to keep a copy as it was his own research.

Did The Data Win Trump Election?

Whistleblower denied the use of psychographic modeling and said he doesn’t know because he or his teams were not involved in the election campaign. He added if they don’t use it in the election where did they used it. Moreover, it is also unclear how many of the 50million users were American voters.

Is This Type Of Data Collection Against Rules?

This result is yet to come. According to U.K., it is strictly prohibited to use personal data without consent. In America since 2011 Facebook has agreed to terms that it should have clear consent from its user before sharing their data. If Facebook is found violating the law it will be liable to pay million dollars as fines.