Donald Trump Calls CNN Fake Referring To Fox News Host Tucker Carlson

President Donald Trump said CNN is like so much fake news, referring to Fox News Host Tucker Carlson when Doulas High School student Colton Haab refused scripted question in the town hall discussion on gun violence.


On 22 February 2018, President Trump angrily twitted CNN news is fake and that is the reason why their ratings are so bad.

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[ CAPTION: Donald Trump Calls CNN Fake Referring To Fox News Host ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

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President Trump was reacting to Host Tucker Carlson on the segment of student Colton Haab who refused a scripted question about the gun violence recently occurred at Doulas High School.

CNN Communication replied “There is absolutely no truth to this story and we can prove that. CNN did not provide or script questions for anyone in last night’s town hall, nor have we ever. Those are the facts.#FactsFirst.”

After observing CNN interview with the student Haab, Fox News Host invited him in his part of the interview and it was shocking. Haab claimed that he was hand over a CNN rewrote & scripted question.

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In the interview the student revealed that he was still carrying the question if Carlson wanted to see it. The student original question was about school safety and using veterans to secure school from gun violence.

Besides Colton, there are no claims from another student that they have received any type of scripted question.