Stormy Daniels “Don’t You Care” After Offering To Return $130k Payment

“Don’t You Care” Stormy Daniels offering to return $130 that she received from Trump’s personal lawyer back in 2016 to shut her mouth on the alleged relationship.


On 12th March 2018, Stormy Daniels offers to return hush money $130k and end the agreement. She wants to break her silence and get her freedom to speak about President Trump.

Daniels whose original name is Stephanie Clifford sent a letter to Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen on Monday written by Daniels’s lawyer that she is ready to wire the money by Friday on the chose account of Trump.

CAPTION: Stormy Daniels “Don’t You Care” After Offering To Return $130k Payment SOURCE: Twitter

After sending the letter the adult actress shared the video dancing in Maroon 5 song waving the American flag and below it was written “Don’t You Care.” What kind of message she is trying to give via Instagram is unclear.

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Looks like she desperately seeking care from someone to open her mouth on the alleged relationship, which she once said was not true.

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The White House has always denied Trump has any kind of affair with Daniels. The offer has challenged Trump and Cohen. And the letter was not immediately responded by Cohen seeking comment.

CAPTION: Stormy Daniels “Don’t You Care” After Offering To Return $130k Payment SOURCE: nytimes

In fact, the contract also includes that signing the deal will not block the broadcast of the interview she taped with 60 Minutes days ago. If the offer is ignored Daniels should remain silent as if nothing ever happened.

The original deal that Daniels signed requires the signature from every party for arbitration and last month Cohen was able to restrain it temporarily. When Daniels’ lawyer Avenatti filed complain about the initial agreement it was invalid as it was missing Trump Sign according to the contract.

CAPTION: Stormy Daniels SOURCE: Instagram

To fulfill the contract it requires signatures of all parties and one of Trump himself.

Looks like “The Don’t you care” implies here, Daniels is seeking care.