10 Facts about Facebook You Might Not Know

April 19, 2017
First Published On: April 19, 2016
by HitBerry

Don’t you have an account on Facebook? That would be one serious question! Facebook is the only social networking site till date with highest users. And the owner, Mark Zuckerberg made this website to increase more interaction of people around the world.

What do you know about Facebook? Yes, it is social media, what’s next? Mark Zuckerberg is the owner. Yes, correct again! Most of the people do not know much of facts about Facebook. That’s because people do not focus on the facts, they are busy in using Facebook. Here are mentioned some facts about Facebook.

Facebook – People You May Know

Facebook People you may know

You might have seen ‘People You May Know’ in the Facebook news feed. Facebook tracks the location of you and suggests individuals who live around you. Facebook tracks people’s location and whereabouts; and then suggests you friends by location, their preferences, their likes and dislikes.

Facebook News Feed and Timeline

Facebook introduced timeline on April 15, 2013.  You might have noticed, when FB Timeline launched, Facebook advertisement took up its pace. Advertisement consumes the most of the news feed place.

The company now announced that there would be a massive tweak in the system. Now the system will focus more on post and pictures from friends and family more than feeds from Facebook pages and groups.

Facebook Timeline

Facebook Users

Can you guess a total number of users in Facebook? It’s around 1.65 billion till date. About 300 million photos and status posted every day. Now see 12.5 million photos and status every hour and about 3500 status update every second.

Facebook Logo

Why is Facebook logo blue and white? Mark Zuckerberg cannot visualise red-green colour. As he cannot react with the best colour, the Facebook logo is blue.

Mark himself said that he could see all blue. The logo is so popular that most of the stores, buses, and brand use them. There is a nail polish named social butterfly too.

Facebook Logo

Facebook Takeover

When Facebook was raging to peak, Yahoo offered $1 billion to Mark Zuckerberg, which he turned down in 2006. Mark was 22 years and owned just one-fourth of the company.

The reason he said, ‘I don’t know what to do with that money’ also mentioning that his social network could blast off in near future. The current net worth of Facebook is $135 billion.

Facebook Bug

Have you found bugs on Facebook? If yes, you can report it to the company; you will get paid! Facebook started this mission for finding bugs in the system. The reward starts from 500 bucks to above $30000.

Facebook Bug Big Bounty Hunt

Divorced because of Facebook?

In 2011, more than half of total divorce files in the UK referenced Facebook. There is no exact figure of divorce reference but the survey for the separation proved the usage of Facebook caused the problem.

In the figure, trillions of messages are sent daily, and the message of photos works as evidence for references.

Facebook Usability

Facebook supports more than 70 languages around the globe. You can change the language at the end of news feed page. Interestingly, you can switch to English in Pirate and Upside Down version.

Some Facts about Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter

Zuckerberg is not such a big fan of Twitter. Twitter has merely 200 million users while Facebook has more than 1 billion users.  Zuckerberg’s Twitter could explain more than the words.

Zuckerberg salary as CEO of Facebook is $1 annually.

Zuckerberg is married to Priscilla Chan.