Uma Thurman Charged Alleged Assault Against Harvey; Did She face Other Sexual Harassment in Past?

In recent times, the cases of sexual harassment have been coming out in the Hollywood Industry one by one. Likewise, another famed actress and model, Uma Thurman has also come out with the same type of sexual harassment case against the co-founder of Miramax, Harvey Weinstein.


In the present day, each and every woman has been standing up for themselves, for what they believe in. This has led the Hollywood divas to react with a bitter note against the co-stars and even producers. The cases of sexual harassment are now all over the place and currently, the case filed against Harvey for sexual harassment by Uma Thurman has summed up as the hot topic for the media. Let's talk about why Uma charged the file and if she has gone through any other such type of cases in her past.  

Uma Thurman sexual harassment case against Harvey Weinstein 

The case of Uma Thurman has made headlines in the recent news. Uma accused Harvey of assaulting her sexually. She describes her story of assault to Maureen Dowd of the NY Times magazine. And, before that, she posted a photo of her Kill Bill avatar and wished everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING except Harvey.

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CAPTION: Uma Thurman talks against Harvey Weinstein SOURCE: Instagram

According to her, Uma was first attacked at the Savoy Hotel in London where Harvey tried to shove himself upon her. Some days later, she had a bouquet of yellow roses sent to her along with a note saying you have great instincts. Some moments later, she again got phone calls from Harvey's assistants to talk about the projects.

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CAPTION: Uma Thurman and Harvey Weinstein SOURCE: Digital Spy

For such a behavior, she warned the producer not to make such a fuss again. Or else, she would make him lose all of his respect, career, and family. Well, this is not the first time, Harvey has gone through the same case. He has a total of 84 sexual harassment cases and 13 rape cases against famed actresses and models.  

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Has Uma faced other Sexual Harassment in the Past?  

The famed actress who has now turned to Broadway for the first time, Uma has had no other sexual harassment cases other than with Harvey Weinstein. However, she has other allegations for Quentin Tarantino for what he did to her in the Kill Bill movie. 

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Uma Thurman's Car Crash during the filming of Kill Bill

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In the movie, she was forced to drive on a sandy road full of trees at a speed of 40 miles per hour. She was afraid of the road condition and with the way, the knots of the cars were tied. But, Tarantino made her drive on such conditions in which the actress had a small accident during the shoot of the scene.

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In the recent years, Hollywood stars are slowly making their way into the headlines with all of the sexual harassment cases they have dug deep into their memories. Now, the females have started to stand against such criminals who tried to gain ill from all of the then-struggling actors.