Harvey Weinstein Denounce Rose McGowan's Sexual Assault Allegations, Know All

The number of sexual assault allegations against the producer, Harvey Weinstein has reached 84 till date including actress, Rose McGowan. While many opted to use their voice against him, Rose chose a different method.

The 44-year-old Charmed actress, Rose recently revealed all the details regarding sexual advances made to her through her book. However, Harvey denounced Rose McGowan's accusations. Here's what he has to say.

Rose McGowan Says Harvey Weinstein Raped Her In Her Book 

After Rose' book, Brave was published, the story of how and when Rose was harassed sexually unfolded to the entire world. It was sad.

As written in the few pages published in the New York Times, Harvey Weinstein, the monster forced oral sex on her.

[ CAPTION: Rose McGowan reveals about the Monster in her Book, Bra ][ SOURCE: Metro ]

Rose who is one of the first women to speak about the Weinstein's sexual misconduct, told previously that some movie executive raped her at the Sundance Film Festival back in 1997 but did not utter his name at the time.

According to some, Rose was paid off by Weinstein to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Years later she tweeted after her book came out.

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After 20 years, Rose who has once issued a warrant for connecting to drug charge seems like she has finally found the courage. According to pages in her book, she was sent to a hotel in Park City, Utah where Weinstein was staying. McGowan thought they would be discussing her career. But Rose did not have a faint idea that she will not forget this night for the rest of her life.

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Upon reaching the suite where the seven times Tony Awards Winner Weinstein was enjoying a Jacuzzi, she was forced to take off her clothes. She was told to sit on the edge of a bathtub where he performed oral sex on her. Rose sat there freezing like a statue while he masturbated.

She wrote,

"He moans loudly; through my tears I see his semen floating on top of the bubbles."

Harvey Weinstein Says It Was a Mutual Consent

However, Harvey defends himself telling that the act was consensual. Further, the statement which was released by his attorney, Ben Brafman stated that Ms. McGowan herself had chosen to personally work with him and even approached Weinstein in order to finance a movie in which she was starring, a remake of Barbarella.

The statement further read,

"It was Ms. McGowan, and only Ms. McGowan, who chose to demand money from Mr. Weinstein; and it was Ms. McGowan who later elected to personally appear with Mr. Weinstein at his charity event in Cannes."

 The co-founder of Miramax has also denied Rose's along with other allegations too

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[ CAPTION: Harvey Weinstein and wife. Georgina Chapman ][ SOURCE: Foxnews ]

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Since the sex scandal of Hollywood mogul begun, his professional, as well as professional life, has totally plunged in. His wife, Georgina Chapman who is a model and designer finally left him in October 2017 and he is also removed from the company he co-founded. That was inevitable as they say you reap what you sow.