42 Years Old NBC News Correspondent Stephanie Ruhle's Net Worth is $4 million; Know her Earnings, Salary, Sources of Income, House, and Lifestyle

The American reporter, NBC News correspondent and anchor of MSNBC Live, Stephanie Ruhle, who was once the co-host of the Bloomberg TV show, Bloomberg GO, has added around $4 million to her total net worth through her journalism career. 


The 42 years' old TV reporter who has been in the reporting business since,  not longer than 2011, has been a fan favorite in the recent days. The journalist, who is married to her husband Andy Hubbard, has had a really great personal life with a loving husband and three beautiful children. So, it should also be the same for her in her professional life. Today, we are going to talk about the professional life earnings of the reporter and financial manager, Stephanie Ruhle. So, keep on scrolling to know how she earns her worth and where she spends it!

NBC News Correspondent Stephanie Ruhle's Net Worth

As we have already stated above, the total net worth of the NBC News Correspondent and a former Bloomberg anchor, Stephanie Ruhle, is around $4 million. According to some sources, she has a pretty attractive salary and is paid more than $500 thousand a year. Some sites also estimated that she earned around $1.5 million in just 2017. 

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CAPTION: Stephanie Ruhle SOURCE: Instagram

Almost all of her incomes are from her career in the journalism field, but she also earned a lot from her career as a financial banker for years. If we look into her career, then she started out, not as a TV reporter, but as a staff of the financial and banking sector. She has spent around 14 years of her life in the financial industry.

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She started out in 1997 when she joined Credit Suisse and worked there for around 6 years. Her time at the Credit Suisse First Boston showed her the vice president position and made her the highest producing credit derivatives salesperson in the US. 

CAPTION: Stephanie Ruhle's previous employer SOURCE: Forbes

After a series of jobs in the banking industry, she joined Bloomberg in October 2011. She worked there as a co-host for the morning program called Inside Track.

According to an interview back in 2016, her husband said that she went to Bloomberg for the first time thinking that she will be trained for weeks but, she made it to the anchor job without any prior training as she went on air on her very first day. After that, you know what happened, she transitioned to the MSNBC channel in 2016

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As you might know, an anchor earns around $80 thousand per year! But, as she is an experienced one, she has landed almost around half a million salary from her work in the NBC. Apart from that, she is also the founder of the Corporate Investment Bank Women's Network. 

YouTube: Stephanie Ruhle in Bloomberg GO

Stephanie Ruhle's Lifestyle

Let's talk a bit about the way of life of the journalist, Stephanie Ruhle, shall we? She should have an expensive lifestyle and earns such a handsome amount from her job at the MSNBC. If we talk about her then, she describes herself as a 'dance machine, mom, wife, and a lucky human'. 

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CAPTION: Stephanie Ruhle's Instagram Profile SOURCE: Instagram

Her life is all about motherhood, partnership, and professionalism. She lives with her husband and three children in Manhattan. She has a house there costing around $7.5 million.

The house is four-story tall with a townhouse design. The house is at the Upper East Side of the town. The house is made on 3420 square foot of are with 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. And, for its outer space, it has its own landscaped garden with built-in gas grill. 

CAPTION: Stephanie Ruhle's home SOURCE: Observer

She also had a condo at the Tribeca Condo which she put on sale in 2015 for around $5.2 million. The house was made on a 2783 square foot area with three and a half bathroom and four bedrooms. 

Well, this should be enough to tell you how lavish her lifestyle is, isn't it? 

Ten Facts about Stephanie Ruhle

1. Stephanie Ruhle was born on December 24, 1975. 
2. She has a bachelors degree in International Business. 
3. She has also given a commencement speech in 2017 in the Lehigh University. 
4. She has spent 14 years in the finance industry. 
5. She is married to Andy Hubbard and has three children with him. 
6. She has a net worth of around $4 million. 
7. Her team was the first to report the London Whale, the trader behind the 2012 JPMorgan Chase trading loss. 
8. She is the founder of Corporate Investment Bank Women's Network.
9. She is also the columnist for Shape.com.
10. She also co-chaired the Women on Wall Street steering committee.