How much is Bill Geist's Net Worth, Salary, and Earnings? Know about his Books, Awards, and Honors

The American author, columnist, and a TV personality, Bill Geist who is known as the father of the MSNBC and NBC host, Willie Geist, is already 72 years old. But he was unstoppable and achieved a lot of success making a high figure of net worth.


Several high profile journalists even have more followers that what the stars can have. One with such high number of fans is Bill Geist. During his peak, he earned a lot of cash and reached a high peak. So, today, we will talk about how much he has accumulated in the years of his service. We will further talk about his career achievements as well. 

Bill Geist's Net Worth and Earnings through Career

Everybody wants to know how much the former CBS correspondent, Bill Geist has earned in his lifetime. With his start of the career in 1972 with the Chicago Tribune's Suburban Trib, he rose up to become one of the most demanded reporters of his time. 

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He also had a column left out for him twice a week in the New York Times where he worked as a columnist. And, as a columnist, he earned more than $100K as an annual salary. After some time, he joined CBS to become the host of several top shows such as the CBS Evening News, 60 minutes II, and CBS Sports for which he was paid an average of $50K per annum. 

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With all that, Bill Geist should have earned a huge amount of cash, doesn't he? Trust me; his son, Willie Geist is now earning a decent amount of money. Willie Geist's net worth is around $6 million. 

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Bill Geist as An Author

Apart from the TV shows and columnist jobs, Bill Geist also earned his worth through his writing. He has authored a total of nine books with some of his books co-authored by his son, Willie Geist

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The author was named the bestselling author of 8 of his books. All of his books are available in the US market.

His book Little League Confidential: One Coach's Completely Unauthorized Tale of Survival has a price of $15 for its paperback edition. Another one of his books, Way Off the Road: Discovering the Peculiar Charms of Small Town America is priced at $12 for paperback and $15 for its hardcover edition. 

Bill Geist's Awards and Honors

The TV host Bill Geist has earned some big wards from his long years of service to the Television media. In 1992 and 2005, he won an Emmys Award for his service to the social media. Besides that, he also won the 2437th Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2011. 

YouTube: Bill Geist receiving the walk of fame

Similarly, in 2005, he was also the commencement speaker at the University of Illinois. 

Whatever be his net worth, Bill Geist has a life many would thrive to have as his son and daughters are all well settled in their own field.