American Business Man Michael Dubin's Properties and Net Worth

The American Businessman, Michael Dubin, best known as the founder of the razor delivery company, Dollar Shave Club, has added a lot to his total net worth through his business ideas and constant strategic consulting.


Well, you must have already known what the hot topic for today is, don't you? Today, we are going to talk about the total earnings of the entrepreneur, Michael Dubin. How much has he earned to increase his standards of living and also from which sources have he earned the cash, is all included in this topic. So, without further ado, let's jump right in! 

Michael Dubin's Total Net Worth

The total estimated net worth of the business person Michael Dubin is the same as the price of what Kim Kardashian wanted to live in, that is, he has a total of $200 million to his name. 

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All of his incomes came from his business as he has been involved in a lot of business including NBC,, and so on. The start of his career was marked after he joined NBC channel as a producer and assistant for about 9 months. For his job, he was paid around $11 to $12 per hour. 

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Later, he joined MSNBC as a PA and an Associate Producer. He worked there for about  15 months. During his time there, he also helped initiate and execute a $500,000 cross-country bus tour for On Location.

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For his work as an associate producer, he was paid something like $30,000 to more as per the salary stats. Besides that, he also earned more than $100,000 a year through his work as a Digital Marketing Director at the Sports Illustrated. 

Michael Dubin as a co-founder of Dollar Shave Club

Currently, Michael resides as the CEO and co-founder of the Dollar Shave Club. He started the venture, some 7 years ago in the January of 2011. His company usually deals with the Men's Lifestyle.

YouTube: The Video that made Dollar Shave Club a $1 billion company featuring Michael Dubin

The company had a sales of more than $152 million in just 2015 and earned more than $200 million in the following year. According to some sources, the company raised more than $160 million in venture capital funding and had a value of $539 million. 

Well, now, we cannot call this company his anymore as he sold this venture to the Unilever for a whopping $1 billion in  2016

The Home of Michael Dubin

To talk about the home of Michael Dubin, then he purchased his first home in Venice, California. It was a blank canvas to reinvent as per the words of Michael. He changed the look and feel of the house with the help of the interior designers Laurel and Wolf. 

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CAPTION: Michael Dubin's home interior design SOURCE: Laurel and Wolf

The price and other details of the house are not known but, what we know all about is the interiors. The house has been fully painted white, with a modern and open look. The kitchen had a classic bluish cabinet with white and grey marbles. 

CAPTION: Michael Dubin's home interior design SOURCE: Laurel and Wolf

The living room consists of the sofa and dual leather chairs near the fireplace. The room is well accessible with natural lights and high windows. Michael wanted to have a Californian vibe to his home and also wanted to feel lived in! So, all that was reflected in the design of his house. 

CAPTION: Michael Dubin's home interior design SOURCE: Laurel and Wolf

Well, this is all we have for this article. We now know how the businessman, Michael Dubin is living currently.