Oprah Winfrey Advices for 2020 Presidential Candidates “Don’t Spend Your Time Talking About Opponents”

March 12, 2018 by arjun

“Don’t spend your time talking about opponent” Oprah Winfrey will not run for the 2020 election but has some advice for 2020 Presidential Candidates.


Oprah Winfrey confirms that she will not run in 2020 Presidential election in the Van Jones Show. Although she revealed that she has few suggestions that will help to fight gradually spreading darkness in America.   

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“The noise about running for president moved me so humbly and deeply,” said Winfrey.

On the interview, the talking show how started, everybody is feeding yourself in negativity, to get rid of it you must stay in the light.

CAPTION: Oprah Winfrey Advices for 2020 Presidential Candidates “Don’t Spend Your Time Talking About Opponents” SOURCE: Twitter

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She continued darkness is upon us and we should fight it together. But this time darkness is showing us light and the example is the Florida shooting. We have learned a lot after it happened. Then she suddenly revealed, “I am not running for the presidential election but I do have some advice for the 2020 presidential candidates”.

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She continued  with Van Jones “I will say to whoever is going to run for the office, do not give your energy to the other side.”

She added talking about the opponent is not the best thing as it just spends your precious time. She believes no energy should be waste in what we don’t believe. Move on without losing an ounce as it doesn’t deserve it.

Jones asked Winfrey what were her question if she got 10 minutes time with President Trump. She responded, “I would only speak if I felt that I could be heard”.

Earlier on Saturday President Trump jokingly told that he wants to run against Winfrey in coming 2020 election and added he knows “her weakness”.

The suggestion of actress Winfrey looks like, it was especially dedicated to Trump and a response to his joke on her.