Jana Carter married husband Van Jones; Know about their married life and kids

HitBerryPublished on   05 Dec, 2016Updated on   04 Jul, 2018

Van Jones is a CNN political activist, an author, a commentator and an attorney. Jana Carter married husband Van Jones and is living a blissful married life with two children together.


They are having a pretty awesome marriage life and aren’t looking for a divorce or anything. Have a look at the perfect picture marital life of Jana Carrer and Van Jones. Also, know more about their children.

Jana Carter and Van Jones

To be completely frank, Jana Carter and Van Jones are pretty protective about their personal life. They haven’t shared much about their marriage and personal life. But it seems that Jana is proud of her husband Van Jones since she posts Van’s prominent work on her social sites.

Van Jones and Jana Carter [ CAPTION: Van Jones and Jana Carter][ SOURCE: ytimg ]

It correspondingly proves that she is supportive and caring. Even though the couple shares their amazing pictures together, they did not make anything public about anything concerning their personal affairs.

How did Jana Carter and Van Jones meet?

Before jumping off to the topic, we will first be talking about Jana Carter. All things considered, she served as the director of the search for ‘Common Ground’s USA Racial Healing Program, generally' and she is more into politics and stuff as indicated by was politics.

Van Jones and Jana Carter [ CAPTION: Van Jones and Jana Carter][ SOURCE: presscdn ]

So, there are high chances that the lovebird met during their times at work firm yet perhaps one in a million shots, it might be true, right! What do you all think?

Jana Carter and Van Jones Children

Together, they have two children Mattai Jones and Cabral Jones. There is no doubt that the entire family is living a luxurious life without any financial problem or anything related to it. 

Van Jones's Family [ CAPTION: Van Jones's Family][ SOURCE: daily entertainment news ]

Sources believe that Van’s total net worth hits seven figures, i.e. $1.1 million. The couple loved to maintain a low-key profile regarding their children.

Who is Jana Carter?

We know who Van Jones is, right! But do we know anything about Jana? Well, we are going to share some of her facts with you people today. Her real name is Jane Michelle Carter, and she is one of the six children to (father) William Alton Billy Carter and (mother), Sybil Spire. Going through her education background, she holds a J.D from ‘UC Berkeley’s School of Law.'

Jana is also a board member of ‘The Garden Church.' At present, she is the director of operations and producer at ‘Magic Labs Media’ and owner of ‘Kidpacking.' So, you guys must know now that she is no less than her husband and pretty popular in her field of business.

Jana Carter [ CAPTION: Jana Carter][ SOURCE: wagpolitics ]

Keeping everything locked in the box and not letting anyone know about the personal stuff, Jana Carter and Van Jones are happily living together without any divorce rumors with their children. For more updates on the couple, keep visiting.

Ten Facts about Jana Carter

1. Jana Carter DOB is still unknown.
2. Jana Carter's father is Billy Carter.
3. Billy Carter is the brother of the 39th President of U.S. Jimmy Carter.
Jana Carter's father is also a politician.
Jana Carter is sixth children born to her parents.
Jana Carter is married to Van Jones.
Jana Carter is living happily with two children.
Jana Carter is the producer at Magic Labs Media and Director of Operations.
Jana Carter owns Kidpacking.
Jana Carter is the member of The Garden Church.