Melania Trump Interested In Democrats?

First lady Melania Trump has followed former Democratic president Baraka Obama on her Twitter account.  


Melania Trump must be trolling her husband Trump by following Former president of America Baraka Obama?  This is really a surprising fact that among her five followers it also includes Obama.

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Former President Baraka Obama is one of Trump least favorite people. It must be Obama tweets that have made her follow him. Does she want to be up to date with his democrat tweets? Let’s be loyal. But what is her real interest is not yet clear.

A few hours ago Jimmy Kimmel on his late night show speaks about the surprising fact.

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Until Jimmy Kimmel reveals the DMs send by the first lady Melania to President of Baraka Obama. Her first message was "HELP ME!"

Her another DMs was "how to Lock the Lincon Bedroom, Don Don Keep finding me"

Her last message "Please Do Break Me Out Of White House, I want eat crab cake with you Beyonce." 


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Apparently, the first lady has 9.78 million followers and only 5 follow back which is a surprising fact. Her five followers are Barack Obama, Donald J. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Karen Pence, and President Trump.

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President Donald Trump’s wife Melania has followed both of her husband twitter accounts.

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Matt Haig a British novelist surprised with the fact wrote on his twitter “It’s a love bit of husband-trolling that Melania Trump only follows five people and one of them is Barack Obama.”