Actor Michael McKean opens up about how he fell in love with wife Annette O'Toole and how they ended up married

HitBerryPublished on   04 Jan, 2016Updated on   06 May, 2021

Michael McKean is one big package of entertainment. Even at the age of 69, McKean is as fit as a fiddle and now seem to be reminiscing the starting days of his love life. He recently shared how he fell in love with his beloved wife Annette O Toole.

Charming and talented, Michael is a man of the arts. He is an actor, musician, composer, comedian and a writer. He is well known for his talents. But his personal life has most of the time, been far away from the media.

How Actor Michael McKean fell in love with wife Annette O'Toole?

Michael McKean recently opened up about how his love story with his wife Annette O Toole began. After ending a long and unhappy marriage of around 23 years, Michael realized that Susan Russel (his first wife) was not the one for him. Then enter Annette O Toole – who mended his broken heart and took his hand and revived belief in romance and intimacy.

Michael McKean & Wife Annette O'Toole Michael McKean & Wife Annette O'Toole    Source:

In 1997, both of them were divorcees. In no time she became his friend, his then his girlfriend and they finally got married in 1999. Till now, they are a happy couple. But who knows what happens next. After all, it is Hollywood.

He further adds that she is beautiful but beauty is not the first factor that attracted him to Annette. It was her confidence, generosity, and charm that made him fall head over heels for her. The source also adds that Michael has found an eternity of happiness in the period of fifteen years in his marriage with her.

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"Final Justice" is the lifetime movie where they both met starred for the first time. Then, we started finding them together in many series and movies. For him, Annette is the best dancer, and Michael is the best musician for Annette. In a recent interview, he opened up that when he survived the accident, it was a matter of his faith and that incident has made him a believer.

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Michael McKean is the father of two children. Unfortunately, one of them died, and it's said that it was due to some drug problem. Michael has appeared in several TV shows and movies like Young Doctors in Love, Grand, Better Call Saul, Space Ghost Coast to  Coast, A Mighty Wind, earth girls are easy, used cars, clue, planes etc.

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He is a tall man standing at the height of 6 feet height. He is one of the most successful actors and reported to have the net worth of $4.5 million dollars.