Canadian Actor Keanu Reeves's Net Worth, Earnings, Salary, Charities, Company, Bikes, House, Cars Collection, and Lavish Lifestyle

roshanPublished on   08 May, 2018Updated on   08 May, 2018

The Canadian actor, director, producer, and musician, Keanu Reeves, who had an unfortunate ending in his love life with Jennifer Syme and also with their children, has added a lot to his total net worth through his career in the Hollywood Industry. 


With the death of his love, Jennifer in a car accident, Keanu was only rumored to date several women as he never came out of the shock. During the first months of 2018, he was spotted out with an LA photographer, Alexandra Grant. As it now seems to go fine with the actor's personal life, let's shift out focus on his career achievements and earnings. Just keep on scrolling to know all about the Canadian actor Keanu Reeves's net worth, bike collection, sources of income, earnings, and more:

Keanu Reeves' Net Worth

The 53 years' old actor, Keanu Reeves has an estimated total net worth of around $350 million while some other sites also suggest that he has a total of $360 million to spare. As we all know that he is an actor, he earns most of his incomes from his movies and TV shows. But, apart from that, he also earns from his own companies. 

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CAPTION: Keanu Reeves SOURCE: Instagram

Even though the actor started out his career in 1984, he was in the acting field since he was just nine years' old. Keanu's first movie appearance was in the movie, Youngblood for which he received a salary of around $3000.

After that, he was cast in the comedy franchise Bill and Ted from 1989 to 1991. And, after that, he was seen on an action movie, Point Break and later in Speed, which earned him around $1.2 million. 

CAPTION: Keanu Reeves in Speed SOURCE: Den of Geek

Even if he had a breakthrough with Point Break, Keanu touched the roof of the world with his acting in the science fiction action movie, The Matrix. Due to that movie, he was placed as the highest paid actor during that time. His total earnings during that time were around $156 million per year almost $90 million more than what the highest paid actor of 2017, Mark Wahlberg earns.

CAPTION: Keanu Reeves in Point Break SOURCE: Rolling Stone

Some of his top movies excluding The Matrix are Little Buddha, Speed, A Walk in the Clouds, The  Watcher, Hardball, The Day the Earth Stood Still, 47 Ronin, and John Wick. He has also worked as a producer in several movies; Exposed, Knock Knock, Side by Side, and Henry's Crime. Let's look at some of his movies salaries. 

Movies Salaries
Johny Mnemonic $2 million
The Devil's Advocate $8 million
The Matrix $10 million
The Replacements $12.5 million
The Matrix Revolutions $15 million
The Matrix Reloaded  $15 million

Keanu Reeves as an Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist

Apart from being an expert in the Hollywood Industry, he has also set his expertise in the field of social work and company formation.  First, to talk about his philanthropy, he has set up and is helping a number of cancer organizations, such as PETA, SideKids Foundation, and Stand Up to Cancer. 

CAPTION: Keanu Reeves SOURCE: Thirsty

Second, to that, he also gave away his earnings from the Matrix franchise to the special effects department and the makeup staff of the same movie. He gave away an approximate $80 million to the staffs to add to the overall movie budget. 

CAPTION: Keanu Reeves' Matrix Special Effects SOURCE: Elite Daily

Now, to talk about his company, he also has his own production company named, Company Films. The company is currently set on the LA with its subsidiaries all along the city.

He also has his own motorcycle company co-founded with Gard Hollinger called the Arch Motorcycle Company. Through the company, he builds and sells custom-made motorcycles. The company has produced a bike called KRGT-1 costing around $78,000

CAPTION: Keanu Reeves' company's first motorbike SOURCE: YouTube

The company also has other two bikes the 1S and the METHOD 143. To talk about the features of the first bike then, it is a single-sided swingarm model influenced by sports with a more aggressive riding position.

The bike has a downdraft fuel injected V-Twin 2032cc S&S Cycle engine. As for the second one, it is a first concept production with carbon fiber mono-cell chassis with 2343cc S&S Cycle fuel injected V-Twin Engine. 

CAPTION: Keanu Reeves' company's second bike SOURCE: The Manual

Keanu Reeves' Lifestyle

Now, it's time to talk about the Canadian actor, Keanu Reeves' way of living. As he has earned a fortune through his acting career, it is needless to say that he lives his life lavishly. He currently lives in a $5 million home at the Hollywood Hills just some blocks below, Leonardo di Caprio.

CAPTION: Keanu Reeves home in Hollywood Hills SOURCE: Stylesum

If you are the fans of Keanu, then you must know that he is a great enthusiast when it comes to bikes. Well, because of that, he learned to drive the motorcycle on a movie set. After he returned to his home in LA, he bought his first bike, a Kawasaki Enduro.

His second bike came in 1971 as he bought a yellow Norton Commando. Again in 1973, he got another bike, a later edition of the Norton Commando model. He has also bought several other bikes such as the Suzuki Sportsbikes and the Harley Davidson cruisers.

Recently, he has turned his focus on to a chopper. His West Coast Chopper cost him a total of around $50 thousand, and his Harley Davidson bike was priced at around $28, 000. 

CAPTION: Keanu Reeves West Coast Chopper SOURCE: Riders Sweet

Shifting our focus on cars, then he first bought his car at the age of 17. It was a British Racing Green Volvo 122. Some while later, he dumped the car and decided to get a 911 Porsche.

Keanu not only bought the Porsche but also custom-made it. It was a black 911 Carrera 4s (Type 992) with a sunroof and a manual transmission. But, while he was shooting for a movie, his car was stolen.

CAPTION: Keanu Reeves with his car and bike SOURCE: Porsche

Later, he again bought another car of the same model but, now, more custom designs and experience was added. The car had black anodized interior rim panels and a 12 0'clock center marker on the steering wheel. 

CAPTION: Keanu Reeves with his car and bike SOURCE: Porsche

On the whole, he seems to be a speed lover as he has a huge bike collection and a total of two car models in total.