Canadian YouTube Personality Lilly Singh Dating Boyfriend Yousef Erakat; Know her Past Affairs and Dating Rumors

‘Waddup everyone it’s your girl superwomen’! We all know how hard Lilly Singh aka Superwomen tries to keep us entertained. But who’s the guy who keeps her entertained? Yes, we are talking about her boyfriend. We all know how she trolls on her videos showing how hard it is to date someone, but in fact, Lilly is quite happy in her relationship.


Lilly is currently dating her boyfriend, Yousef Erakat. If you want to know how long they’ve been together including how their relationship is going, keep on reading. We will also be talking about some of the past relationship affairs Lilly has had before Yousef.

Lilly Singh dating Yousef Erakat

Have you watched one of Lilly’s videos titled, ‘Types of Girlfriends in relationships’? She has properly categorized various types of girlfriends in her video but which type does she fall on? Lilly is currently dating 28-year-old American personality Yousef Erakat, famous on YouTube.

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Lilly confirmed her relationship with Yousef through a status on facebook. The duo is rumored to be dating since August 2015. Although Lilly is of Indian descent, and Indian girls usually get married before 30, Lilly doesn’t look like she’s getting married anytime soon. However, she might be plotting a marriage with Yousef; we cannot be sure.

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Being someone who suffered from depression, Lilly seems to be very much happy with her life right now. We all know how positive she is and how she’s been an inspiration to many girls all over the world.

Lilly Singh’s Past Affairs and Relationships

We all know that Lilly is focused on her career and doesn’t give importance to guys in her life. She is an extremely ambitious woman who has big dreams as well as the ability to achieve those dreams. Lilly hasn’t dated anyone before Yousef. Once in a video back in 2016, she shared some of the reasons behind her being single.

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She was already rumored to be with Yousef back then but looks like she wanted to keep it a secret. This might be the reason she announced in the video that she was single. So obviously Lilly didn’t have any boyfriend before Yousef.

Even about her current relationship with Yousef, she only announced to the world after she became certain about the relationship, which is indeed a long time after they started dating.