How much Money Does a Aaron Sanchez Makes in Year?Find his Net Worth and Restaurant

The American TV personality and Chef, Aaron Sanchez, who, in 2017, joined Christina Tosi as the judge of the Masterchef US Season 8, has added a lot to his net worth through his cooking career. 


Today, in this article, we are going to talk about culinary arts as we will reveal how much the chef Aaron Sanchez earns through his cookery career. This article is all about how Aaron earns his worth. Let's jump right in!

Total Net Worth of Aaron Sanchez

The total estimated net worth of the entrepreneur Aaron Sanchez is around $4 million. With his cooking styles, he has become able to win the hearts of many. 

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CAPTION: Aaron Sanchez
SOURCE: Instagram

The chef earned all of his earnings through his cooking career as he had been starred in many TV shows. He started his career from the kitchen at Patria. And since then, he has been on the rise getting forward and forward getting to new restaurants and earning a good reputation with that. 

His TV shows

Apart from his cooking, he also made his way to the TV with his cooking skills as he has appeared in many TV shows such as the Melting Pot, Iron Chef America, Heat Seekers, Taco Trip, and Master Chef. 

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CAPTION: Master Chef judge Aaron Sanchez

Recently, in 2017, he has also become a judge of the famed Master Chef US show alongside Gordon Ramsay and Christina Tosi. 

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His Books

With culinary arts and TV shows, he has also further added to his experience and earnings through his books as he has written a total of 2 books altogether.

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CAPTION: Aaron Sanchez's Book
SOURCE: Chef Aaron Sanchez

His first book was written in 2003, La Comida Del Barrio: Latin-American Cooking in the U.S.A. which is currently sold at a price of $1.61. Whereas his second book, Simple Food, Big Flavor: Unforgettable Mexican-Inspired Recipes from My Kitchen to Yours, was published in 2011 for $6 for hardcover and $17 for paperback editions. 

Him as an Entrepreneur

Not only did Aaron Sanchez earn from his chef profession and TV shows, but he also earned from the business he has done till now. He opened a new restaurant called the Johny Sanchez Restaurant in Baltimore in August 2014. In just two months, he also opened another restaurant in New Orleans. 

CAPTION: Aaron Sanchez's Johnny Sanchez Restaurant

The TV personality earns his worth from the restaurant he owns. Aaron Sanchez is not only the sole owner of the restaurant as his fellow chef John Besh also has a part in the investing partners. 

The lifestyle of Aaron Sanchez

Well, talking about the way of life of the chef, Aaron Sanchez then there's not much to talk about as his shares are more of his professional life than that of his personal life. He is a fan of the Kaenon Mens Clark Polarized Abalone Sunglasses. These usually cost about $179  in the US market, while some other types of this same glasses cost more than $200. 

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CAPTION: Aaron Sanchez's Instagram Post
SOURCE: Instagram

He is a fan of tattoos as he has a full upper body tattoo and with that said, he is also a co-owner of Daredevil, a tattoo parlor in New York. He has depicted a number of counterculture arts through his tattoos. Do you believe that Aaron got his first tattoo at just 19 before tattooing was even legal? You know how costly tattooing is, don't you? An hour's charge ranges between $100-$300. 

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CAPTION: Aaron Sanchez's tattoos

Besides that, he has his own clothing collection with the Flavour Gallery. The collection has a set of tees, all costing $30. 

CAPTION: The Aaron Sanchez Collection
SOURCE: Flavor Gallery

Looking at the whole picture, it seems as if the chef Aaron Sanchez is living his life the way he wants.