Ottavia Busia Has a Child With Her Ex-Husband Anthony Bourdain: Presently Dating Anyone?

The MMA fighter, Ottavia Busia who got married to the American chef, Anthony Bourdain in 2007 had a divorce with her husband after being together for 9 years.  After the divorce, has she been involved in any dating relationship?


The hot topic for today is the current relationship status of the beautiful MMA fighter. We will also discuss her unsuccessful marital relationship with ex-husband, Anthony. So, stick on this page to know all about the personal life of Ottavia Busia.

Ottavia Busia’s current relationship status

We all know, Ottavia is known to us as a famous sports personality. But she has always preferred to keep her personal life away from the bay as she had said in an interview with the NY Times that she hated being on TV. After inspecting through her social media profiles and other tabloids, it seems as if she is probably enjoying a single’s life.

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CAPTION: MMA fighter Ottavia Busia SOURCE: Article bio

After her marriage with Anthony, she became a hot topic for some time. And, her personal life was also open to the media. But after the divorce, everything changed and she again kept her personal life away from the public eye. So, we are unsure about her current relationship status.

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Ottavia Busia’s unsuccessful married life with Anthony Bourdain

Ottavia got married for the first time with Anthony whereas it was the second time for him as he was previously married to Nancy Putkoski. The couple tied the knot on April 20, 2007, as per the Twitter post of Ottavia in 2016 where she has wished Anthony in their wedding anniversary. However, their relationship didn’t last long for more than nine years and got separated in 2016.

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CAPTION: Twitter post by Ottavia Busia wishing anniversary to her husband Anthony Bourdain SOURCE: Twitter

While talking about the way the couple fell in love, it was all because of the restaurant business. While working, the couple used to share beers and talk for hours. According to Ottavia, Anthony had never gotten bored of her talks as every other guy had been. The talks were all enjoyable to Anthony and were a source of distant memories of his days. This brought them together; they were happy. But, what happened?

CAPTION: Ottavia Busia with ex-husband Anthony Bourdain SOURCE: Pinterest

In the marriage and any other relationships, time is the most important thing. If one cannot give time to his/her life, then the relationship will create space between the two partners. The same thing happened in the marital relationship between Ottavia and Anthony. As we all know that Anthony is a famous chef, so due to his busy schedule, he was not able to give quality time to his wife Ottavia and his daughter Ariane Bourdain who was born in 2007.

CAPTION: Ottavia Busia with ex-husband Anthony and daughter Ariane Bourdain SOURCE: Daily Mail

Too much focused on his job and not being to spend a quality moment with Ottavia resulted in the divorce between the couple. After her divorce, Ottavia seems to be living an enjoyable free life; singles life.