English celebrity chef Robert Irvine is Living Happily with Wife Gail Kim and Children

Robert Irvine is an English chef and talk show host. Irvine has hosted several Food Network programmes including Dinner. He is widely known for his work on the screen, but what about his personal life? After divorcing the first wife, is the handsome hunk married again or still single?

The famous chef Irvine is married to wife Gail Kim and is living happily till date. Irvine is successfully maintaining both of his professional as well as personal life. Does the couple have any children? Let's know everything about his marriage and children!

The Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine Married Gail Kim

Irvine and Gail met each other for the first time at Robert’s TV show ‘Dinner: Impossible.’ At that time, Irvine was catering the VIP lounge for WWE’s Summerslam. And soon after their first encounter, the couple started dating each other.

But they haven't mentioned the actual date of their first encounter. However, after dating for several years, the couple decided to take their relationship to the next level. Well, Irvine proposed Gil with a chocolate diamond and got engaged in May 2011.

[ CAPTION: Robert Irvine and Gail Kim on their wedding][ SOURCE: FoodNetwork ]

And after a year of their engagement, the couple tied the knot on May 10, 2012, which was a surprise wedding proposed by Irvine. The couple spent their honeymoon at Greece, and their honeymoon collection has remained one of the most popular slideshows on the Food Network website. 

Since their marriage, the couple is happily living together. You can often spot them together in different television shows, interviews, and many other social events.

[ CAPTION: Robert Irvine and Gail Kim ][ SOURCE: chefirvin ]

Both of them are involved in different professions as Irvine is a chef and Gail a professional wrestler. Although they have different professions, they are supportive of each other. And yet they haven't faced any rumors of divorce. 

[ CAPTION: Robert Irvine and Gail Kim ][ SOURCE: HuffingtonPost ]

The duo has already celebrated their fifth marriage anniversary, but yet they do not have any children. Furthermore, they haven't revealed any information about Karen's pregnancy. However, Robert has two daughters Annalisa Irvine and Talia Irvine from his previous relationship.

Robert Irvine Divorced Karen Irvine

52 years old Robert Irvine previously dated Karen Irvine. And after dating for few years, the couple shared the vows. The relationship does not be the same as we want. Well, some incident occurred in between Irvine and Karen and got separated.

[ CAPTION: Robert Irvine and Karen Irvine ][ SOURCE: Whosdatedwho ]

They could not continue their relationship further and finally ended with a divorce after nine years of their marriage. But yet, none of them has openly talked about the reason behind their divorce. Although their marriage relationship has already ended, Karen still likes Irvine

In an interview, Karen mentioned that,

He's a likable enough person. For me, I guess, it was like losing a brother. But we're very comfortable with him and his family. We have our children in common. That makes a difference.

[ CAPTION: Robert Irvine and his daughters ][ SOURCE: Zimbio ]

Moreover, the couple also has two daughters Annalisa Irvine and Talia Irvine. Both of them are now grown up and are happy although their parents are not together with them. However, Irvine can often be seen enjoying his time with his daughters going on trips.