Who is Christina Tosi's Husband? Know about Momofuku Milky Bar Star.

What if we talk about Christina Tosi today? She is an American chef, a television personality and an Author. Currently, she owns a restaurant called ‘Momofuku Milky Bar and Star’, which was originated back in 2008. And hey, what do you know about her husband? Nothing? Well, we can get you her information.

Christina Tosi states that she is always busy with her own stuffs and doesnt have much time thinking about anything else rather than her career.. She has her own restaurant, she travels different places, she believes she has a long way to go, she spends much of her time researching, etc. So, how can a person like her manage things with her husband and things for herself at the same time? If it was for me, i dont think i could handle that pressure..

Christina Tosi is one of the personalities who love travelling. She has travelled different countries around the world and has been researching a lot about all types of food. Tosi was born in Ohio; United States of America, and was brought up in Springfield, Virginia; by her mother Greta Tosi-Miller. She was an accountant. We do not know much about her father but reports believe that he was an Agricultural Economist.

Our sources have confirmed that she has kept her personal life wrapped around within her own circle and hasn’t revealed anything yet. So, we don’t know who she is dating or who she is getting married with. Right now, she is more focused on her career than dating a guy or marrying.

Christina Tosi’s nationality is white but she belongs to an Italian-American descent. She studied electrical engineering at University of Virginia for a year. People say that she also lived some part of her life in Tuscany, Italy. After she came back to United States, she completed her graduation and moved to New-York. Later, she got enrolled in the ‘French Culinary Institute’s Pastry art program’. It is because she knew she was gonna make her career with cooking. She started off by working in the Kitchens of New-York like Bouley and  Wd~50.


David Chang, who is the original owner of Momofuku, hired Christina Tosi to write about his food safety plan. Later on, he was so impressed with her work that he selected her to be his pastry chef. There were no desserts when she got in; but after, she ended up being the founder of dessert program, which was called, Momo-fuku Milky Bar at the momofuku restaurant group. It is believed that the restaurant’s overall revenue is about $500 thousand to $1 million. Pretty impressive, right? 

Likewise, do you know anything about her Net worth? Well, she is not just a chef; but also an entrepreneur, whose Net worth is somewhere around $1 million. Now, you must be wondering where all these amount come from, right?

In 2011, she wrote a cook book called ‘Momofuku Milky Bar’. It costs $21.74 and been generating her Net worth since. In the book, she includes the entire recipe for addictive cookies, pies, ice-creams, cakes and many more. You need to buy the book in order to get all the information.

One of the pages from her cookbook.

One of the pages from her cookbook.

Furthermore, in 2015, she was able to come up with a new book; called ‘Milky Bar Life: Recipes and Stories’. The book costs $21.87 for a hard cover and $13.99 for a kindle. When this book came in stores, her revenue rose up like a plane that didn’t land..lol..