Coleen Rooney' Husband Wayne Rooney's Net Worth:Know in Detail about his Salary, Career and Awards

In today's world, people not only discuss the topic related to love affairs and relationships. However, they too discuss the net worth, salaries, and properties. As we start gaining popularity, people start to know and find out our earnings and properties.


Today we are here to discuss the net worth, salaries, and properties of an English footballer, Wayne Rooney. Through his playing career, Rooney has earned an astonishing amount of money. If you are also searching for the same information then you are at the right place. Read the whole article to know everything!

Wayne Rooney's Net worth And Earnings

The 32 years old soccer player, Wayne Rooney has earned a decent amount of money from his football career. Till date, Rooney has played for only two clubs, Everton and Manchester United. As of now, Rooney has an estimated net worth of around $125 million

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Initially, Rooney played for Everton and was even offered $69436 per week contract to sign for playing seasons. However, he rejected the deal and joined Manchester United in August 2004 for $35540480 contract. 

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In 2006, Rooney earned a total of $24.3 Million. He played all the seasons for Manchester United and was further made the caption of the team. Likewise, his total earning in 2011 was $28.31 Million. 

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Similarly, in 2012, Rooney earned $17,800,000 from his salary and winnings. Furthermore, he earned a total of $6,500,000 from his endorsement deals.

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Likewise, Rooney earned the sum of $3,000,000 through his endorsement deal with the brands including Nike, Nokia, Harper Collins, Ford, and Coca-Cola. Apart from this, he earned $18,100,000 from his salary and winnings. 

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Rooney earned a total worth $23.4 Million in 2014. According to the Forbes, through his total earnings of 2014, he earned $18,400,000 from his salary and winnings in July and $5,000,000 from his endorsement. 

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His earnings have been increasing every year and in 2015 it was $26.9 Million. Rooney earned $7,000,000 from his endorsement and $19,800,000 from his salary and winnings. Rooney's networth in 2015 was $160 million. 

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In 2016, Rooney was paid the amount of $347662 per week by the Manchester United which was later increased up to $417201. Forbes reported that Rooney would earn $42 million until 2019, he had played continuously for Manchester United. 

Wayne Rooney Signed for Everton. How Much Does He Currently Earn?

In 2017, Wayne Rooney left the Manchester United and signed a new contract with Everton. He played for the Manchester United for 13 years. Even having the salary of $417201, Rooney left MU and joined Everton.

Rooney currently earns $208405.50 per week from Everton. The reason behind joining the Everton was in search of first-team football. From his total salary, Everton pays him $0.33 per second and $20.66 per minute. Similarly, he earns $1238.72 per hour and $29757.06 per day. 

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Similarly, Everton pays him a total of $902655 per month. Furthermore, his total earning of a year is $10829130. Adding these all, his full contract with Everton is $21658260. 

Wayne Rooney's House

Professional football player, Wayne Rooney currently resides in the mansion situated in Prestbury, Cheshire village along with his wife, Coleen Rooney and children. Rooney had brought the house back in 2013 for $17,830,000. 

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The house occupies 20 acres of land which features a cinema room, bar and glass floors in the entrance hall. It is located in a peaceful environment and is surrounded by trees. 

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Well, in 2017, Rooney and his wife mentioned that, they were about to sell their house for building a new house. However, Rooney has brought a 40-acre plot for building a new house at Cheshire countryside. The construction is already in process and the source mentioned that the project will cost around $27799400.


[ CAPTION: Wayne Rooney's new house project ][ SOURCE: TheSun ]

The house will consist enormous six-bedroom pile. Similarly, it will also feature an incredible array of facilities, including an orangery, swimming pool, and bar. Moreover, it will further contain separate TV room, snooker room, cinema and wine cellar. Furthermore, it will also have stables which can hold 15 horses and a six-car garage. 

Wayne Rooney Car Collections

Like several other players, Wayne Rooney is also fond of cars. He often keeps changing his cars. Here are the details of Rooney's car collection. Rooney owns two Bentley GT Convertible one is black and another Grey which costs $231,800. 

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Similarly, he also owns an orange Bentley GT whose price ranges from $201,225 to $243,025. Rooney further owns a luxurious BMW i8 which costs $149,900 and also an Aston Martin Vanquish that costs $304,805. 

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Rooney is often seen riding on Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder whose price ranges from $80,000 to $123,999. Likewise, the price of the Audi Q7 is around $6,490 to $15,99 and that of Range Rover Overfinch is $122339. 

He further owns a BMW X which costs $45,445 and also a Mercedes CL63. Furthermore, the price of the Mercedes Benz is $34,475. In the same way, Rooney even owns a Mini Cooper which costs $31,800 and also a Chevrolet Camaro having the price of $25,905.

He further owns a luxurious Cadillac Escalade worth $73,395. Apart from this Rooney still owns his first car Ford Ka.