Soccer player Mark Schwarzer, who transferred to Leicester city this year, thinks his former team Chealsea can win Champions League

Former Chelsea football club goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer still believes in hisformer  team to win the UEFA Champions league Title, even after being one the most horrible run by any title defending team in the history of English football.

In a recent interview with sky sports Mark expressed his opinion on why he thinks Chelsea can pull it off. Mark has said that his renewed belief in the team, even after seeing them perform so poorly over the last two months, came after their win against Portuguese side Porto in the champions league match.

He supported his statement by saying that the game played by Chelsea showcased the level of skill and talent the club still holds.

He also went on to say if they continue to play the way they did against Porto, no European team would want to face them in the knockout stages of the tournament, which begins on the month of February 2016.

He said “No one will want to play them.” They silenced a lot of critics in times of difficulty when proving a point had became way too important to ignore.

He also said that the last time the club had faced such adversity, they played exactly the way they did against Porto and won the Champions League in 2011.

However, this is a different situation where they are currently positioned 14th, whereas when they won, they were positioned 6th in the league.

Mark currently is the reserve keeper for Leicester City. His transfer move was made in the beginning of the year. It was a free transfer for an undisclosed amount.  Mark proved to be the keeper. They were needed at the last stages of the league last season.

After Mark began playing for Leicester, they went on an unbeaten run of six games in a row which secured them a spot in the league. They were able to avoid relegation.

Prior to playing for Leicester and Chelsea, Mark spent over a decade playing for prominent English clubs like Middleborough and Fulham .

He also has one of the most apps in professional football as a keeper. In total he has 764 apps in club football and 109 in international, the most by any Australian goal keeper till date.

However, Mark was plagued with injury throughout his career and was seen out of crucial games time and again.

Mark has said he, being 43 years of age and somewhat too old for the sport on a professional level, will continue to play at least three to four season as he still has got it in him.

On a personal level, Mark has been married to his longtime girlfriend Paloma Schwarzer. They have been husband and wife for over seventeen years now and have a son and daughter from their marriage.

Mark reportedly makes $2.4 million pounds in salary per his contract, which normally last up to two years.

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