Find out Neymar Jr's Net worth, Salary, House, Cars Collection, Assets, and Contracts

Neymar Jr is the forward player who plays for the Barcelona club at the present and for Brazilian National Team and also known as the king of football after Lionel Messi.

The Barcelona striker has placed his name on the football history and has also made millions of fans because of talented dribbling, skills. As the Neymar Jr. fans are gathering to know all about his lifestyle, net worth, and PSG contract. So, don't stop and keep scrolling to know about his trending news.

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Neymar Jr. Net worth and contract with Barcelona

The Barcelona superstar, Neymar Jr has an estimated net worth of $37 million according to the Forbes. Regarding his salary and bonus in Barcelona, Neymar has become the 3rd highest paid player and it estimates for $15 million.

In June 2013, Neymar has signed a 5-year contract with Barcelona from his previous club Santos. well, the Bulageranas has accepted to pay 57 million euros for Neymar.

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Although Neymar Jr is playing for Barcelona and his official salary is 7 million euros per year which is the way below Cristiano Ronaldo's who's earning is 17-million. And his teammate, Lionel Messi earning is 16-million euros definitely more than Neymar. His yearly gross salary would be something 14.583.333,00 euros and he must pay 52% of taxes over that value.

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Neymar Jr Cars Collections

The Brazilian Superstar is interested in the collection of cars which includes a Volkswagen Touareg V8 FSI which estimated price is about  $48390, also he owns a Volvo XC 60 worth $75000, moreover, he has brought a Porsche Panamera which price is $132,000.

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Neymar Jr has also bought an Audi R8 GT which price is $246,000, also he owns a Yacht worth is $8 million, and he has a Helicopter but we don't know how much it cost but it certainly won't be cheap because he is the star of Brazil like the other. so, he doesn't like waiting and he has bought himself to move around.

Neymar collections of house

Regarding Neymar, he does not have the only luxury cars, he also lives in an extravagant Mansion which is in Sao Paulo which he has bought in  € 9,185,100 when he just moved to PSG. He has also a house in suburbs, Paris with a new five-floor home include a sauna, indoor swimming pool, and Turkish bath with a 5000 square meter garden and huge pool room.

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Neymar has also bought a house in Beverly Hills include 12 bathrooms, large swimming pool, might accommodate 14 visitors with cinema, jacuzzi and tennis court which estimate price is £7,000.

Neymar Jr contract with PSG

Neymar Jr has a five-year deal with PSG and the providing transfer is completed. As Neymar is expecting that he will earn €30 million per at Paris Saint-Germain but it has reported that his father will receive a payment around €40 million if Neymar will complete a transfer to PSG.

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Are you curious about how much does PSG pay to Barcelona for Neymar? well, it was announced that the amount stands for €222 million which makes the highest paid player after Cavani.

So, we can say the PSG star, Neymar earns a huge amount of money and living a lavish life. Well, in an upcoming season we hope that he will earn more source of income rather than his teammate.