Charles Barkley Slams President Trump

April 1, 2018

Charles Barkley Slams Trump:“I’ve never been more angry and disgusted at this situation now.”


Former NBA player Charles Barkley nowadays popular for his goofy basketball analysis on Inside the NBA postgame show broadcasted on TNT. But when it’s about politics he is not afraid to talk about it loud and clear. Even he doesn’t fear to criticize President Trump.

Chuck born as Charles Wade Barkley in a  new interview said he is “angry and disgusted” with Trump and his administration. Talking in the interview he cited about Trump frequent Tweet and his habit of regular hiring & firing employees from his administration.

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In the CNN’s The Axe Files show on March 31, 2018, Chuck opens up to Barack Obama former aide David Axelrod and it wasn’t positive opinions at all. Discussing his frustration over Trump administration he said its full of chaos which has pushed real issues to the side.

Barkley added let us not forget about DACA, school security and poor people in Puerto Rico. He said he was watching the Puerto Rico news and it has been more than 6 months but they don’t get an power.

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Barkley is angry that we only spend time talking about Russian. Now that we have got Stormy Daniels and other issues related to President Trump, everyone is busy talking about it.